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I work for a provider who bills many different insurance companies every day, including Medicare and Medicaid, and BCBSNC and other BCBS plans are the worst when it comes to denials and appeals. I wonder if they find ways to deny, making things up as they go due to the inconsistent way they process claims and handle appeals... .or.. .are they just incompetent? The main issue with them is their appeals process. They have forms on their website to... Read more

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Welcome to your new "only choice for health insurance in NC" Blue Cross Blue Shield. Denied medication that she had been taking for years. Deemed necessary by the doctor's that has examined her and treated her for years. Denied by some unprofessional company profit seeker, that has never even looked at her medical records. Thank you Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC.

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I work for a provider and we submit claims for payment to BCBSNC. First having to submit the same basic member information for each individual claim is archaic for such a large insurance entity. I should be able to enter a members identification number and their personal information populate to the appropriate fields. Second, once a claim is submitted, having to wait weeks before you can even see that a claim exists implies their entire... Read more

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My daughter"s Insurance dropped ... With no notice of potential of such.....due to being "late" but BCBSNC cashed my check every month?!!? Had to fork over $500 for reinstatement. What a shoddy freaking way to treat customers. No wonder their CFO recently resigned and their are hundreds of customer service issues. Seems like the whole process over there in Durham is F'd up. Should file a complaint with State Insurance board. If there was any... Read more

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Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of North Carolina - Foreign objet found in cheetos
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We bought a variety pack of chips from Walmart in Palm Bay Florida on Palm Bay rd. on June 17th 2016. My daughter was eating a bag of Cheetos from the variety pack and came to me asking what this object is that she found in the bag of Cheetos. The object appears to be either a rock or a bone. I would like to know what this object is, also know should she become sick from this legal action will be taken. I have attached pictures of the object and... Read more

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Without question I will never let a Company I have anything to do with buy insurance from this outfit. Without question the most pathetic customer service system I've ever dealt with. No idea how to solve problems, no clue on their own systems, no idea how to identify customers: all in all a Saturday Night Live skit that would be hilarious if it wasn't so maddening. BCBS of Texas looks like Apple compared to these clowns. Worse, I've been on... Read more

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I have moved to another state and have my coverage in my new address. However, I can't get through to anyone by phone or on line to drop my old coverage in NC. I wait for hours on the phone waiting for a human to help me. No such luck or I get transferred to a human who tells me they are not in that dept. I have stopped paying for my NC coverage in January and continue to get a bill from them. I was told by an insurance agent to send them a fax,... Read more

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I work for a provider's office. I have called over 10 times to verify a patients benefits/eligibility. Every time I call the voice prompt states that due to a high call volume they are unable to take my call and they hang up on me. The one time I was able to get thru, I entered in my provider info and the patients ID to verify. It acknowledged my entry and then stated that they would now end my call. Really?? Who is running this company Micky... Read more

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I have been trying to reach BCBSNC for 2 days due to their failure to deduct my daughters health insurance premium from my account for February. Her policy isn't terminated per the online account and I havet requested a termination to cause a delay in payment. Her premium is not through the marketplace as I have had her insured with BCBS since 2014. Today I am currently on hold for 1 hr and 20 seconds (and counting). I have had a home... Read more

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I, like most, have experienced the lack of Customer Servise that BCBSNC provides. After the painful two hour wait with intermittent inturuption of not being helped, of being passed to the next person with the promise of my problem being addressed, no satisfaction was received. You would think that after the rate increase of $300.00, to help cover those newly joined, that I have to share in supporting. I would have gained at least a modicum of... Read more

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