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No Complaint: Excellent Breeder!

I bought my dog from Blue Chi's in 2010 and could not be happier; my little man has been healthy and adorable! Holly Maxwell is a quality breeder. Every step of the process was professional and personable. I bought my dog from Blue Chi's in 2010 and could not be happier; my little man has been healthy and adorable! Holly Maxwell is a quality breeder. Every step of the process was professional and personable. I bought my dog from Blue Chi's in 2010 and could not be happier; my little man has been healthy and adorable! Holly Maxwell is a quality breeder. Every step of the process was professional and personable.
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Good quality
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Blu Chis Ranch Holly Maxwell not reputable breeder, puppy mill

i purchased one of the overpriced puppies ! Blu chis ranch is not a Reputable place to buy a puppy ! I do not understand why you would say that when you never purchased a puppy from her, you are going by her pics she posted and her fancy website,....wake up to the real world..I have learned the fancy websites are the rip off scammers of the internet. My puppy she was 8wks when shipped, to the day ! she could not wait to get rid of her, she sent wormer and said to use this, you do not need to get your vet to check her ? I did anyway, I did not use her wormer ! this puppy has so worms, it was bad ! very very bad, the vet said it is not legal to give out prescription wormer, people do not know how to dose it, etc, you could harm the puppy. The women is not right. They just want $$$ the dollars, could care less about the puppy's and all their Fake Pictures, It was a nighmare because I could not house train due to the loose wormy stools, this went on for 6wks, we had to go to the vet twice for diff wormer and anti biotics, it was triple the costs of something that should have been avoided but due to the amount of dogs she has it is prob impossible to keep the worms under control. Her care package is a joke, if she remembers to send it, I would say to everyone stay away from this breeder, she is strictly in it for the MONEY. Do not post comments when you do not know the FACTS. People are NOT jealous, that is ridicoulous, they are posting FACTS.
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that person is a thief that takes you 3500 dollars and never sends the dog nor the papers

I am in France I had to call on someone to help me

holly had fun to take my dog to pay couplings in my back

this woman is worth nothing that is a ***


Its a lie that Holly Maxwell would send an 8 week old puppy to a new home. She always keeps them till at least 12-14 weeks old.

I know, because I have bought 3 babies from her over the years. She knows so much and can tell you exactly how big or small a chihuahua will be. With other breeders they lie just to sell a baby chi that turns into a 7-9 lb dog when you were 'sold' a 3-4 lb dog.

She is honest and hardworking. These people are slandering her reputation.


The report was written by jealous, a Chihuahua breeder in the same state as Holly, North Carolina. A jealous breeder in competition with Holly.

Holly has many Champion dogs. The other breeder does not.

akc has been placing false reports on many other Chihuahua breeders she is in competition with. SHAME ON YOU ANGIE AND ESTELLE!

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Blu Chis Ranch Holly Maxwell

Holly and Sean Maxwell are not your run of the mill breeders. They BUY Champions to make themselves LOOK good.

They show a few dogs, to further make them LOOK good. Their prices are outrageous. But if the few people who buy the dogs, are that uneducated, well, then they SHOULD be ripped off ! Just because a dog is expensive does not make the dog better !

Holly Maxwell has way too many dogs to "properly" give each and every dog the attention they deserve. My question is "why" do they feel the "need" to have this many dogs ??? Some people say they are a Puppy Mill. But a Puppy Mill is way different.

"Quantity" does not make you that. It is the way they are kept and treated. I am pretty sure they take care of them. They have been breeding Chihuahuas about 3 years, although they say much longer.

Again, to make them LOOK good. They say they do not have a "kennel" and that they live inside their house with them. OMG ! What could that be like ?

I would like to see them sell their dogs for a reasonable amount. $1500. to $2000. is reasonable for the quality they put out.

Not $4500 and up ! I have heard that they believe, because they have champions (that they bought), they can get higher prices. I know a few breeders that have champions and they do not sell their dogs for these prices. Is it the people that have the "need" to tell their friends, "I paid $3500.

for my dog", the ones that are buying them ?

You know there are people out there that HAVE to do this. Guess these are the ones Holly Maxwell preys on

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I said it and I mean it. I purchased a female, long coated Chi from Holly in Feb. 2010 (long coated) We didn't want our puppy to be put on a plane, so we drove to her home to pick up our puppy. True, her prices were high, but our puppy is the sweetest, most adorable, beautiful brindle & white Chi...ever!

Just as Holly had said she'd be. Although she's about one pound over her expected weight (can't always tell until they are older) her head is exactly like her Champion father RIO and her nose (short, as promised) ears (errect and short) and just an amazing temperment! Our puppy Ria turned out to be exactly what we wanted!! We went to their home.

We were treated to some wine & cheeses. Got a "Grand-Tour" of her home. Saw many of her Champions having "full-run" of her home (to our delight) and their house had much love in it. Again, their prices are high, but she speaks to me whenever I call her, for as long as I need her, and she emailed me often to make sure my puppy was doing well.

Even now (2 yrs. later) I can still email her or call when needed. This family is 100% caring about their pets. "In it for the money"....this is her business and yes, she does profit from it but her Chi's are extremely healthy and well cared for and SPECIAL.

She "show's" her dogs to better the breeding lines and that is what you are paying for!

You can buy a Chi in a pet store and pay less, and never know where your pup came from and who the parents are, OR, you can buy from a "reputable breeder" and know they are well cared for and most of the time, healthy. I would gladly take another pup from Holly, any day of the year!!

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I know this is Shea, the daughter, writing this. Btw it’s wine & cheese, ***


Reports from persons who wish to conceal thier identity are suspicious, at best.


Yes, I totally agreed with you "Fake report" I bought my 1st puppy from Holly and when i took him to Vet, the Vet told me he's 100% healthy. Holly is 1 of the breeder who care about her puppies like her children.

After 3 years,which is now I bought another female puppy from her and shes healthy too.

And being a Show Breeder is her hobby and she did very good job training them. None of her puppy have bad behavior, they all well trained.

Guest forgot there is a hyphen.


This is so TRUE about big breeders!!! Quanity is all they are concerned with not much quality can you have have when you have so many chihuahua.

wake up buyers research as to where you are buying your puppy. You will end up in a nightmare with your puppy.


I know of Holly and this report is false. It is written by a jealous breeder who lives in the same state as Holly. The breeder who wrote it is jealous because Holly has high quality Champion Chihuahuas. has also been posting false reports on other breeders they are in competition with.

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