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This company added $40 onto my bill because "I had a US address" The order was flower delivery in Toronto - I ordered online and paid in Canadian dollars with my Canadian bank credit card - never a problem with other companies! Disgusting gouging! Also I did not know until checkout that there would be a $29. delivery fee plus $10 tax added so my $50 roses actually cost me $128. The Bloomex employee could give me no reason for this extra charge...
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I didn't like
  • Price gouging
Ordered flowers that were needed next morning.Paid extra to have delivered that morning. It is now 1pm, still have no arrived.I called the Customer Care Line and they said they would refund the extra money I had paid to have them delivered in morning, still had no clue when their flowers would arrive though. I had a received a bouquet of crumpled flowers one day late from them last fall, I knew shouldn't have ordered from them, never will again
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Bloomex Flowers Roses Flowers Review

Boy, these folks are slick, ordered a dozen roses and got 11. They're smart, they know no one will waste their time calling for 1 flower short? I can imagine them doing this for every order they get for a dozen roses. Who can't count to 12? Its a very clever way for them to make extra money. Sadly the flowers looked old and tired....I'd never use them again for any reason.