Many multinationals have pulled out of the Russian market in response to the invasion of Ukraine. Nevertheless, numerous corporations continue to do business in the country, contributing tax revenues that support military production. We believe that clear information on which companies remain in Russia helps us all make conscientious purchasing decisions and by that influence brand priorities towards social responsibility. 

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Since Russia invaded Ukraine, we have felt ethically compelled to keep the public informed about brands in Russia that remain there on a “business as usual” basis despite the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis. 

The mission has always been about educating and informing consumers. Given the impact of Russia's invasion on our team, some part of which is based in Ukraine, we feel it's important to play an active role in educating consumers about the link between their spending habits and the continuation of the war.

This is not a call to boycott companies doing business in Russia, we respect freedom of choice. Our aim, in line with our company ethos, is to provide consumers with the information they need to make educated choices that reflect their own values. 

What We Do - Keeping Consumers in the Know works in several ways to increase awareness and keep consumers up to date about brands’ relationships with Russia. We:

  • Contact multinational companies still in Russia requesting an official statement on their continuation of business in the country.
  • Educate consumers via different sources including email campaigns about the consequences of continuing to consume products of such companies, so they can make an informed choice about whether to boycott companies doing business in Russia. 
  • Provide opportunities to directly email these companies through our review platform inquiring about their intentions of staying in the Russian market or the reasons behind it. 
  • Interview experts and activists on our YouTube channel.
  • Maintain dedicated company profile pages clearly indicating each brand's "Russia Status" based on whether they have fully exited their market or have yet to leave Russia.
  • Communicate with media outlets, journalists, and industry experts to publicly share our mission of informing consumers about major companies still profiting from the Russian market.
  • Company CEO, Michael Podolsky, has so far helped 160 employees relocate to western Ukraine to distance them from the continuing attacks. The company is also collaborating with relevant projects that help consumers identify which companies have and have not left Russia, and inform on the activities that might help stop sponsorship of the war.
  • Provide links to external databases like the Yale School of Management list of brands in Russia for consumers to conduct additional research on where companies stand and which companies to boycott.
  • Ask platform users for their honest opinions on the companies remaining in Russia through different consumer surveys.
  • Foster an active, transparent public dialogue between consumers, experts, and the companies themselves on the issue.

How Consumers Can Help: Exercising Your Voice and Values

While part of the mission is to inform the public about companies still operating in Russia, as a consumer your choices have the greatest impact. If you want to make a difference, here are a few things you can do right away:

  • Contact customer service departments of brands in Russia expressing your concerns and expectations as a consumer. Procter & Gamble is one of the companies that haven't left the Russian market, pays taxes to Russia, and thus helps sponsor the war. You have the right to express your voice to the company.
  • Thoroughly research products, brands, and their parent companies before you buy to avoid inadvertently providing financial support to companies doing business in Russia. Consult resources like the Yale list to know which companies to boycott.
  • Prioritize purchasing from local producers and brands not tied to Russia when you have the option.
  • Use your influence on social media platforms and online review sites to share factual information on companies still in Russia.
  • Discuss your concerns with your family, friends, and community to raise awareness about the ethical dilemmas and potential actions we can take as conscious consumers.
  • Make mindful, values-based consumer choices guided by your own ethics, morals, and principles. Every decision and every dollar makes an impact.

It takes a concerted effort from both companies and consumers to encourage more ethical, responsible global business practices. Stay informed and be vocal about what you want, let’s all play a part in pushing for positive change.

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