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Rachel Bashford
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Business leaders often have a long to-do list that seemingly grows every day. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to maintain and improve corporate goals while engaging with and motivating teams, without adding anything more to the day. 

However, those companies that participate in social involvement programs know of the benefits that derive from community connections, such as business growth and customer loyalty

When businesses interact on a regular basis with the communities that surround them, there is measurable value for people and social organizations that builds communities and their bonds with brands. 

Community Participation Benefits

What do businesses gain from community service? A whole range of advantages that are undoubtedly valuable and long-lasting, including brand awareness, boosted visibility, and stronger consumer-company relations. 

In fact, 70% of consumers say they want to know what the brands they support are doing to address social and environmental issues. This shows that there has never been a better time for businesses to engage with the pressing social matters that interest consumers. 

What Do Consumers Care About?

It’s true to say that people all over the world are preoccupied with the ongoing war in Ukraine. Many consumers are considering how businesses react to this crisis, with 81.9% of respondents to a PissedConsumer.com survey stating they would not buy products from brands that do business in Russia and support the war against Ukraine.

This data reflects a growing need for brands to recognize their social responsibilities and react appropriately to how consumers are feeling. Many companies are now taking steps in order to limit their contact with brands that still have a presence in Russia.

 boycott mission

Businesses Taking Social Responsibility Seriously 

One story making the headlines is that major Nordic businesses are choosing not to work with Mondelez, the global snack company. Brands such as Norwegian Air, hotel chain Strawberry and shipping group Fjord Line are choosing not to sell Mondelez products as a result of the company’s continued activity in Russia.

It can be challenging for consumers to work out which companies they can trust. To help with this dilemma, PissedConsumer joined a boycott mission that encourages shoppers to research and safely select who to spend their money with, and to secure in the knowledge that their hard-earned money won’t be used to support the country of the aggressor in this war. 

Support for Ukraine has been demonstrated in more than just a brand boycott. A Latvian vodka brand has changed its name from Stolichnaya to Stoli to remove any association with Russia since the invasion. 

As part of the PissedConsumer team are based in Ukraine, it’s been important to help shoppers know the money trail behind their purchases. Another key tool helping US consumers is the flaggedmessage on each company’s review pages which tells the user if that company is still operating in Russia.

In these circumstances, there are plenty of brands who see their social corporate responsibility as essential in supporting communities while building brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

Brand reputation is critical in today’s digital world and companies that work in collaboration with their customers are the ones building relationships that last. 

Raising Awareness for Business Community Programs

Oftentimes, the community involvement projects undertaken by brands go under the radar. That’s why celebrating these vital programs helps both businesses and communities.

The Co-founder of PissedConsumer, Michael Podolsky, has been invited as a nominee to the Top 100 USA Entrepreneurs with Ukrainian Origins awards ceremony this summer. The Top USA Awards event was founded by Diana Hetun and Taras Lavrovskyi, Ukrainians by nationality, to honor the achievements of entrepreneurs with Ukrainian roots and their considerable contributions to the business in the United States.

Additionally, this event helps to raise funds to help Ukraine, with 50% of the ticket sales donated to the Cash For Refugees fund. 

Why Community Involvement Matters

In such complex economic and social times, communities value support from brands in whatever form they appear. There’s also that emotional connection that comes from knowing a company has chosen to make a difference. 

Shoppers, even in difficult financial circumstances, try and make the best decisions for their communities by supporting businesses that create positive change for everyone. 

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