The relationship between companies and consumers is a special thing. If a company makes a mistake or disappoints you, the customer, the relationship is terminated almost immediately. And when you are unhappy, that dissatisfaction can spread quite a bit – frustrated customers aren’t typically quiet about their displeasure. Video interviews are proof of that!

Companies know they need to work to make things right when customers like you have complaints. Savvy companies monitor customer advocacy websites like PissedConsumer looking for online reviews. Many of these companies work to reach out to customers who leave negative online reviews to publicly makes things right.

What Are PissedConsumer Video Interviews?

Here at we offer frustrated consumers a chance to connect with companies in several ways. Customers can leave written consumer reviews about their experiences and then wait for a company response. There is also an option to reach out directly to a company via social media or by calling through the “Call to a Company” feature on the website.

While all those methods can be successful, the likelihood of reaching a company and resolving your issues goes up 5 times when you choose another means of communication here on PissedConsumer – the video interview.

A video review gives customers a chance to not just write about their experiences. It gives them a chance to share the voice of the customer. Our video interviews are an opportunity to tell the story to explain the details behind the situation.

You don’t have to make a formal video interview to leave a more detailed version of events in your own words. PissedConsumer also offers frustrated customers an opportunity to create their own video interview and description without waiting on an official interviewer from PissedConsumer.

Through the consumer video interview or a self-recorded video interview, unsatisfied customers have a chance to describe their issues in greater detail. They answer a series of questions about their experience, allowing customers the opportunity to extend the written review into a dialogue. In fact, video interviews are 500% more likely to find a satisfactory resolution.

As others watch and respond to the video interview, they can see the frustrations the poster has with customer service, delivery, product designs, or refund and replacement policies. Sometimes situations with customer service can be too complicated to explain in short, written reviews. A consumer interview gives you the chance to explain all of the details and also propose a solution for the company in question.

Why Video Interviews Work?

Our PissedConsumer video interviews are straightforward but very effective. A consumer interview is recorded as a video. Then that consumer video is released online through the PissedConsumer social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Through our connections and the online community, our video interviews gain considerable traction and illicit many views and responses.

Sometimes even the intention of a video interview is enough to get a company’s attention. For example, this PissedConsumer user was struggling with getting Legoland to issue a proper response to her concerns. She sent an email letting the company know that asked her to do a video interview about her experience at Legoland.

After informing about her appointment to make the review video, “low and behold a few hours after I sent the email I got a call from the representative in charge of my case!” Fortunately, after that call, the user was able to resolve her issue.

pissedconsumer user comment

Businesses who are trying to maintain and build relationships with customers know that publicly resolving complaints is critical. When a consumer video about their company starts circulating, businesses pay attention. Then they act, often on behalf of the customer.

For example, a video about a customer experience with the investing company Robinhood gathered over 1,000 views within a few weeks. The customer was panicked and left a review stating, “My account has been compromised, and someone sold, buy and even tried to transfer money from my bank account… I need help ASAP!!!

She left her original review on PissedConsumer and followed up with a video interview about her experience with the company. Within a few weeks, she left an update that stated, “I was lucky to resolve my issue in 3 weeks after I got hacked."

Companies monitor consumer reviews website social media accounts for this reason. They want to hear the voice of the consumer and learn or market using that feedback. When a complaint surfaces, the company has the opportunity to make a public apology. They want to show the many other customers or would-be consumers watching just how well the company responds to concerns.

That said, interviews made through the PissedConsumer video get attention online. The consumer interview video can lead to solutions as well.

How to Make a PissedConsumer Customer Video?

There is no question that our consumer videos work for many customers. We receive roughly 3,000 reviews on PissedConsumer every day. About 45 percent of those reviewers are invited to leave a video review about their experiences.

If you would like to create a consumer video to try and connect with companies or other frustrated customers about your experiences, you will need to work through our video interview process.

Step 1: You’ll start by leaving a written review. Be as detailed and specific about your experiences as possible. Post your written review when you are finished.

Step 2: On our end, we will read your review for compliance and reliability.

Step 3: You will then receive an invitation to record a video interview. Look for this invitation to come through the email address you used when making your written post.

Step 4: The email you receive from PissedConsumer will contain two options for how you’d like to record your interview:

  • You can choose to “Record Now” using the automatic tool provided through that link.
  • You might select “Schedule” to schedule a date and time via a calendar for a live interviewer with the PissedConsumer interview team.

Step 5: After completing the video interview, our production team will process the interview. Then we will post it on the PissedConsumer social media accounts and our YouTube channel.

Once posted, you can expect feedback from other customers with similar experiences and – if they are actively looking out for their online reputation – the company you have been trying to reach.

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