Good review writing is not art. You do not have to be a perfect narrator to write a review and you can have your own reasons to publish your feedback.

Mostly, people come to review websites when they were screwed up or cheated. Rarely users share their positive emotions. It’s particularly crucial to share negative experiences in order to warn others not to use certain services or purchase some goods. is a website where every user can write a review about a company and everyone can join us to learn about other consumers’ experiences. Almost all of us have unlimited access to the internet today and it’s quite easy to find customer service reviews. PissedConsumer reviews will be of great assistance to you when you are in search of the right company.

How to Write a Review on

You have several options on how to begin writing a good review on PissedConsumer. You can find a submission form on the home page or on the company review page. If you happened to appear on the PissedConsumer Home page it’s easy to find a “Write Review” button that is located in the center of the page.

Some people prefer to get acquainted with other consumers’ feedback first. They search for a certain company and read reviews. This way users are able to find a similar experience with a business, service or product or to check examples of good reviews in order to create their own feedback. When they are ready, users have an opportunity to write a review on a business on a company reviews page.

how to write a review on business

When you compose a review on a website, you should know that the more fields will be filled in, the more valuable review you will get. If you are eager to be contacted by the company you should leave your contact information – name, phone number, e-mail.

How to write a review effectively

Company representatives often look through consumers’ reviews and try to resolve users’ problems. They will easily contact you or try to solve your problem if your contact information will be provided on the website.

If you write a review about a company on PissedConsumer, you should attract attention to your review with the help of adding media (if any). Add photos, receipts, video or any other proof of your purchase to make your review more credible. But do not attach private data like credit cards, social security numbers or any other sensitive documents or pictures. This kind of information can be used by third parties and be harmful to you.

Add photo or video proof on PissedConumer

While writing a review vote for criteria (rating) provided to you, add pros and cons. This way your review will be more remarkable and will include more important information.

Company Rating on PissedConsumer

The title of the review is one of the most important parts of the feedback. Think a bit and write a good useful title that will attract attention.

Before writing a good review you should draw up some kind of a plan in your mind – how to name your feedback, how to start, to mention all necessary details – names, location, company name, product, links, etc. Try to think over all the things and include them in your story. Remember that sometimes small attributes matter.

Company Location on PissedConsumer

After you published your review on PissedConsumer you will have no opportunity to edit it. This is the second point why it’s so important to make a draft of your feedback in your mind. But there is no need to worry if your review appeared to be not exact, lacks some information or includes wrong data. The PissedConsumer website always gives you an opportunity to update your review. In order to write an update, you should go to your user profile.

how to update a review on

PissedConsumer website gives you an opportunity to mark your review as resolved when you need it. In order to do it, use your profile and press the Resolve button.

how to make a review on resolved

Tips on How to Write a Good Review

When you are ready to write a review on a company our tips can be useful for you.

Write an Honest Review

Your review must be by all means a real story. Do not use any fabricated details, write honest feedback only. Remember when you write a review about a company you become responsible for everything written by you.

Post a Considered Review

If you run through your thoughts and think a bit about your review draft you will certainly get a good well-measured review. If your review has a good title, a clear explanation of a problem, and a defined company, it will be interesting and useful for others.

Control Yourself

Even if your problem is global or you are very angry or disappointed, you have to keep your temper. It’s possible to describe every situation (even the most dramatic one) peacefully. Do not write the foul language, insult or offend somebody. Otherwise, be ready that your feedback can be deleted from the website.

Check Information

While writing a good review remember to check all details you use – company, product or service provided, names of staff, URLs, location, etc. Try to be as exact as you can and add all the data you have in your story. When you write a review on business all the information given in the feedback will be useful.

Update Your Feedback

After review submission on PissedConsumer, your problem somehow can be solved. Accordingly, you are able to update your review. Feel free to write what happened, how your issue was resolved and what means you used for it.

Surely, your problem can still be not resolved. That’s a good point to come back and write an update about it.

Proofread Your Review

Everyone knows that good written comprehensive reviews are easy to read and understand. Also well-structured and error-free reviews ensure higher ranking in the search engines and are more likely to be noticed in the search results. When you decided to write a review on a company, PissedConsumer gives you an opportunity to check your grammar in a submission form. Try our check spelling tool for proofreading and as a result, you will have a better review without errors.

Check spelling button is easy to use, just click on a highlighted word and you will see what you should correct or change.

PissedConsumer Spell Check Reviews FAQs

Who Can Write Reviews on PissedConsumer?

According to PissedConsumer reviews FAQ everyone has a possibility to write a review on a business on our review platform – not only customers but company representatives are welcomed as well. Users are required to be 14 years or older in order to leave a well-measured review.

How Long Will the Review Be Active on PissedConsumer?

PissedConsumer reviews remain published indefinitely. In case you need your review to be removed, please an article: “How to remove a review from PissedConsumer”.

Who Are a Verified Reviewer and a Verified Buyer?

Verified Reviewers are users of who created accounts on the website and provided us with valid contact information. These users get special badges “Verified Reviewer” which will be shown on the website.

Verified Buyers are users who provided us with proofs of purchase – images of receipts, bank transactions, invoices and any other evidence of payment.

If you still have any questions in regards to writing a review on PissedConsumer or any other questions, please contact us at

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