One can hardly argue that trust in anything or anybody is a rare commodity, period. And far more so, if you throw some negativity in, like in cases when you have been yelled at by some customer support rep, or you ordered a gorgeous dozen roses for your Mom on Mother’s Day and what got delivered was a bunch of sad-looking daisies and the delivery was three hours late, or you are stuck in the middle of nowhere because your car has broken down after you have just spent two-three grand on repairs at an official certified (!) car dealership. Sounds familiar?

Nowб all you really want is to vent out somewhere. So, you start looking for a trustworthy place, an online review platform where you can let go of your frustration and (perhaps) even find some "fellows in misfortune" so you can learn that you are not alone and maybe even find a solution to your problem.

But how do you know what platform to trust? And why can you be so sure that our website,, is a legit platform with authentic reviews that you can rely upon?

Our Reviewers Are Legit

People who post content on our site are people with trustworthy stories and reliable experiences. They warrant and represent that their reviews are truthful and accurate, based on their own experience and genuine opinion. And these are not just words. It’s a part of our internal policies.

We have content posted by Verified Buyers and Verified Reviewers. More information on how to become a Verified Buyer or a Verified review can be found here.

You can not only read what our reviewers post but also see them and hear them speak:

We combine the efforts of our highly-trained, dedicated Moderation Team and the use of sophisticated content algorithms to ensure that our users can have full confidence and trust in our reviews.

We have a devoted, highly professional team of moderators who work each and every day to ensure that people can rely upon our reviews. Our moderators not only thoroughly consider reviews identified as suspicious by our content algorithms but also regularly check existing reviews to make sure they correspond to our standards.

There is a lot more to a review than the words it consists of. Working with over 1.5 million reviews, we have learned to distinguish between good reviews and not-so-good ones. We apply this skill to our benefit with our custom content algorithm, weeding out questionable reviews while promoting useful ones. We analyze and monitor millions of data elements about products, brands, etc.

It is then determined if a particular data element is drawn toward a useful and trustworthy review or a spammy or a deceptive one. We have been constantly improving our content algorithm to ensure that you get nothing but unbiased, genuine opinions you can have confidence in.

To add credibility to our users’ stories, we do make optional requests for proof of purchase during the review submission process. What we do with this information is check whether the product or service a person has reviewed matches up to a corresponding receipt, invoice, etc. You can find more information in the Verified Buyer section above. If there are any privacy concerns, a person can always blank out any sensitive information, like SSN or credit card number, before submitting this proof of purchase to us.

We Take Strong Stance Against Fake and Fraudulent Reviews

Our easy-to-read and readily available for everyone policies (in particular, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy) make it clear that we have zero tolerance for fraudulent behavior, including, but not limited to, fake and/or spammy content. These policies also contain information about the preventive measures we take. We can go as far as blocking those users and terminating business relationships with those companies who break our rules.

Our users are empowered to make their own contribution to the trustworthiness and legitimacy of our content and expose fraudulent activity when they see it. They can immediately report any review/comment if it seems doubtful or suspicious. They can also email us at or use one of our Contact Forms.

Hereby, we also want to emphasize that we DO NOT:

  • Remove reviews for money. We do have clear and transparent review removal policies that can be found here.
  • Get paid to write reviews. Our content is 100% user-generated.
  • Tolerate fake and fraudulent reviews, whether positive or negative.

Latest Tech Innovations Add to Authenticity of Our Reviews

We strive to stay tuned with all the latest technical innovations, including those in the field of website usability, online data protection and security, etc. To be legit and reliable, we monitor changes in and comply with related US and international laws and regulations. We invest in finding and developing new technology solutions to make sure that our site and our services are suitable and easy-to-use for everyone.

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