The Internet is buzzing with recommendations on how to get rid of PissedConsumer, how to be removed from, how to deal with reviews published on, etc. So, we’ve decided to write this article and clear up some common misconceptions about PissedConsumer, whether it allows the removal of content, and how to go about that.


Who Are We at

We at are a leading consumer advocacy and review platform giving voice to ordinary people and connecting businesses and consumers. Since 2006 we have been an online review platform by the people and for the people.

Our mission is to protect free speech and fight for consumers’ rights. We believe that businesses should communicate with their customers and do their best to turn pissed off consumers into brand advocates.

We do not want to brag but PissedConsumer stats are indeed pretty impressive:

  • Over 1.5 million reviews
  • Over 2.0
  • Million average monthly visitors
  • Close to 50K followers across social media content is 100% user-generated and is mostly written by people who have experienced a product/service for some time and know exactly what they are talking about.

Who Posts on

Authors of reviews on are largely real-life people; consumers and clients with real concerns and real emotions. We also have content posted by verified reviewers and reviews from verified buyers.

It is true that PissedConsumer does not require people to register an account to post on our site and that people can post anonymously. We at PissedConsumer adopted this policy because in the United States, the right to speak anonymously online is protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution and various other laws. You can find more detailed information on the anonymity question on our Legal Information page

Does PissedConsumer Allow Removal of Content?

Various sources all over the Internet will try persuading you that has as strict no-removal policy and that it is utterly impossible to get anything removed from our site. But then some of them add things like “absent a few special circumstances and conditions”. But if those special circumstances and conditions are indeed in place, then our policy about removal is not so strict after all, right?

So, yes, it is possible to remove content from Below we will explain the options to be exercised if such removal is sought.

Sending PissedConsumer a Notarized Letter

Sometimes when we feel like pissed off consumers or when we are just pissed off in general, we tend to exhibit quite an unbalanced behavior.

When we are mad we can say and write things we don’t really mean. But we all make mistakes, after all. So, if a person realizes that he/she posted something on in error, we give such a person a chance to remove the complaint by taking the following steps:

  1. Send a notarized letter to PissedConsumer stating your full name, your mailing address, your email address, and your signature. Include the URL of the post in question in the letter as well.
  2. Include a signed statement that you were the user who originally posted the questionable or false complaint and that you are seeking to remove it.
  3. Include a signed statement that the information you previously posted was incorrect at the time you posted it. In your statements, you must also declare that the information you’ve provided is true to the best of your knowledge. Keep in mind that this is a legally submitted document and you should make these statements under penalty of perjury.
  4. All documents should contain a legible notary stamp.

It must be noted that a notarized letter option is applicable ONLY to actual authors of content posted on

You can find more information in our FAQ.

Providing a Valid Court Order to PissedConsumer

PissedConsumer will comply with court orders. But you must remember that court orders you submit must be valid and properly executed. For example, non-US court orders need to be properly domesticated to be acceptable by the US court system.

Hereby, please note that it would be best if you steer clear from forging documents and abusing the court system. There were some hotheads who tried but it only got worse for them:

You may want to consult an attorney as to how to file a case and obtain the court order you need.

More information and examples of court orders can be found here here.

Participating in PissedConsumer’s Legitimacy Verification Program

You can apply for Legitimacy Verification Program (LVP). This program provides an efficient alternative dispute resolution process where Third-Party Neutral decides whether a piece of content complies with PissedConsumer’s Terms of Use.

If you decide that a post on the PissedConsumer website violates the Terms of Use and you would like it to be removed, you can submit a Complaint to PissedConsumer thereafter notifying the author of the poster in accordance with the procedures set in the LVP Rules.

The author, having been notified of the Complaint regarding one or more posts, will have an opportunity to respond by completing an answer form.

PissedConsumer will forward both the Complaint and the Answer to an independent, neutral third-party who will make a decision regarding whether the post complies with’s Terms of Use or not.

Making Additional Comments on Your Complaint

Often the original post was correct, but circumstances have changed or a company would like to address the complaint.

It is possible for both the original poster, additional posters and the company that was the original topic of the discussion to post under the original complaint to add additional comments or share updates.

The comments are ideal for companies who would like to address the concerns of a patron publicly or offer an explanation or comment on the original complaint. Site users who would like to add additional information to their complaint, such as a resolution with the offending company, can do so by adding additional comments under the original post.

A feature of responding to reviews in comments is also a part of some of the business solutions we offer.

We also offer suggestions on best practices for responding to online reviews.

Contacting PissedConsumer

We hope that this article is at least somewhat helpful ;) We will be happy to respond to any of your inquiries which can be sent to us via’s contact forms located here:

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