User-generated content (UGC) websites are protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. However, there are still companies and/or individuals that feel that they can overcome Section 230 and devise a 'New Plan' of attack. PissedConsumer has been the subject of numerous attacks involving meritless lawsuits, and we are not the only ones. There are a number of USG websites that are in the same position.

There are people out there that would like to silence Internet service providers for whatever the reason may be.

Suggested Solution

Publicize these cases to educate the public and the lawyers who still have not heard of Section 230…
UGC websites shall form a Defense Consortium where an attack on a particular website with a SLAPP lawsuit will be treated by consortium members as an attack on the entire alliance.
Section 230 lawsuits are SLAPP lawsuits, and organizations that are starting SLAPP lawsuits are looking to silence the platform. When a particular website is a member of such Consortium, all other members will do two things:

1. Post a link to prompt up the Consortium Member.

2. Highlight the case and the issue that a lawsuit is trying to silence, by pushing the case or article about it up in the search engines and/or media.

There is going to be a Panel formed inside the Consortium that will make a decision which suit is a SLAPP lawsuit and which one is not...
The more sites join the Consortium, the stronger response will be given to the attacker.
I am open to hear your suggestions on the subject. If you are interested in joining the Consortium, please
Contact Us with the subject: Section 230 Consortium.

Thank you.


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