When McDonalds launched its all day breakfast menu customers were thrilled. The owners and managers of the restaurants which had to serve that all day breakfast are far less enthusiastic.

McDonalds Trying for a Comeback

McDonalds has been in a slide for some time as the public looks for better options in fast food. One of the many tactics the fast food company has tried is to simplify its main menu and now it is expanded the menu to include breakfast items all day.

Other fast food companies like Sonic have always had this option available, but what McDonalds great – the super-fast service and predictable food – is starting to tarnish a bit under the movement to give customers what they want, when they want it.

The Problem with McDonald’s Breakfast

What put McDonald’s on the map initially was the idea of true fast food. The process of making burgers and fries in a modified assembly line fashion allowed many customers to be served in a short amount of time. The morning shift would cook eggs and sausage in short order, and the lunch and dinner shift would do the same with burger patties and fries.

Now, by allowing breakfast to move into dinner, the folks actually making the food and trying to satisfy customers are about to throw up their hands in defeat.

An analyst for the Japanese finance company Nomura took a survey in 226 different locations throughout the United States and the results weren’t good. The store operators are extremely frustrated in many cases.

Concerns in the Kitchen

Store operators complained about many things. The smaller stores were literally falling over themselves trying to make both breakfast and dinner options at the same time. There just wasn’t enough space to cook all the things that needed to be cooked.

Store patrons are “abandoning in droves” because the service in these stores has slowed down as the kitchen has turned into utter chaos.

Stores are being forced to hire more people to handle the different food requests. This is particularly bad because selling the breakfast menu all day means customers aren’t spending more each time they visit – they are spending less.

Many operators are concerned that this series of events can’t possibly end well.



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