After more than six years of theme park magic, Disney is changing the way tickets are sold for both Disney World and Disneyland. The theme parks will be changing ticket sales to reflect demand, hoping to spread crowds out over the year by pricing holidays and weekends higher than non-peak times. The hope is that by making tickets more expensive on popular days, and less expensive on traditionally non-peak times, Disney-goers will be able to enjoy their experience more.

Long Waits, Closing Gates

Disney is facing a problem that many companies would love to have. The parks are just too popular. There are days when the parks actually reach capacity and have to close their gates, making the Happiest Place on Earth a bit less happy – at least for the vacation-goers who just got turned away.

Those who were lucky enough to make it inside the park have their own set of problems. Lines. With the parks almost bursting in capacity, there are simply too many bodies waiting for rides to make it possible to accommodate everyone in a timely manner. This is obviously causing a great deal of frustration on the part of vacation-goers who are stuck in line for hours to enjoy a two minute ride.

Spreading Out the Crowds

Disney is hoping that demand pricing, similar to the way airlines price their tickets, will offset some of these crowds. Raising ticket prices on weekends, for example, may encourage more visitors during the week. Summer vacation pricing rises, encouraging more individuals to take vacations to the park during less popular months like September or October.

While Disney has not released the new dates and prices, we can expect higher prices on the most popular times to visit the most popular theme parks in the world. This may dramatically affect some families as they plan their vacations – especially if the prices rise significantly.

Increasing Popularity

Walt Disney World and Disneyland aren’t expecting crowds to wane in the near future, however. In fact, with the popularity of the movie Frozen and Star Wars, crowds are expected to continue growing over time. This is especially true now that Disney has announced that a new Star Wars themed land, or area, would be added to the theme park complexes in both Orlando and Anaheim.


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