Netflix has been the leader in streaming media for quite some time, but Amazon just made a big move this week that may knock Netflix off its pillar. Amazon Prime members can now download media to mobile devices. This was a feature that was previously allowed only for Amazon Fire products, but now any mobile device can download episodes of shows or favorite movies to be watched when the device is offline.

Streaming Off-line

In order to use Netflix to stream shows or movies, a device must be either connected to WiFi or to a wireless service provider. This means that binge watching a new series can only take place if you’re connected to the internet. If you know that you’re driving for hours, for example, you can either use your data plan with your wireless provider or pay per episode of the show through iTunes or Amazon.

Now, however, rather than paying up to $3 per episode to download material, you can download entire seasons of shows for viewing when you have no internet connection at all. This means no individual payments, no data overages and a currently wider selection of shows than Netflix has to offer.

The Numbers Game

Currently Amazon Prime is $99 per year. This includes streaming media, music and free Kindle book downloads as well as free shipping. Netflix subscriptions start at $8 per month, or $96 per year. There is no way to predict how much individuals will spend to purchase and download media to watch offline. Currently a full season of a show is close to $35.

With Netflix and Amazon Prime running neck and neck in annual cost, doing a bit of digging reveals that Amazon Prime is still showing the big blockbuster movies that Netflix is dropping the end of the month. They offer series outside of media streaming. And now, with Amazon Prime, you can download and watch media just about anywhere.

There’s no question that the current value of Amazon Prime is starting to quickly outpace that of its chief competitor, Netflix.


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