Taco Bell doesn’t register with consumers as being a high end product. It’s actually not even in the middle where you might order ahead and pick-up take-out. Instead, most of us use Taco Bell as a form of craving eliminator. Want a taco? Taco Bell will have one for less than a dollar. Spending less than a dollar on a taco doesn’t exactly warrant home delivery.

But Taco Bell is trying to change all of that with its latest revamp. While Taco Bell has made some changes over the years including adding hotly anticipated breakfast items and many new menu items, the basics have always been there. The good news is the staples of Taco Bell aren’t going away. The even better news is that you can now order them online and even customize your creations.

Online Taco Bell

Earlier this week, Taco Bell unveiled a brand-new website to allow customers to design and order their food online. Is this a direct competition with Chipotle and the like? Perhaps, but not really. Taco Bell serves a different market than Chipotle, but the new website may draw in even more fans of the inexpensive fast food joint.

The website features customized taco boxes and random meal assortments that can be created easily using pictures and literally hundreds of combinations. To use the site you simply select the item you’re interested in starting with. A taco, let’s say. Then add all sorts of toppings and extras.

Or you can browse the menu without feeling rushed and try some of the existing combinations like the Doritos cheesy gordita crunch box and then swap out meats, swap out taco shells and even swap out the toppings for each taco. With so many items on the menu already, being able to customize every detail is almost culinary overload. (If you can call Taco Bell culinary…)

No Taco Bell Delivery Yet

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your budget, Taco Bell isn’t offering delivery just yet in all areas. Imagine how much it would cost for that one-dollar taco once you added on delivery fees and tip. Although you don’t have to imagine it if you live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago or Dallas where the fast food joint is piloting delivery options through DoorDash.

Instead, by ordering online, your customized meal is prepared for you and you can walk up the counter and simply pick it up. Even paying for the items is done online, making the cashiers a thing of the past. Imagine a scenario where you pull up to the local Taco Bell and see long lines. You simply pull up the new website on your phone, right there in the parking lot, arrange the order, pay online and then wait a few minutes, walk inside and pick it up.

Simple, delicious, and probably not a bit healthy.



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