It’s the fall and the memes are predictable: Brace Yourself, Pumpkin Spice is Coming. There is something about the first cool front of the year that makes coffee shops and bakeries sprinkle a bit of pumpkin spice love over everything they sell. It’s become such a stereotype that there are pumpkin spiced jokes, pumpkin spiced articles and, of course, pumpkin spiced memes.

Pumpkin Spice Is Dead?

As it turns out, the hype may be a bit overrated, or perhaps because it is so hyped, it would appear that pumpkin spice everything is on its way out.

The health-tracker app, MyFitnessPal, told the Huffington Post that the trend of pumpkin spice might actually be “fizzling out.” According to the statistics kept at MyFitnessPal, the desire for pumpkin spice everything has diminished by 7.3 percent. Over the last year, our society has decided that we like Pumpkin Spice about 7 percent less than we did last year.

Salted Caramel Is In!

There may be a 7 percent drop in pumpkin spice, but that certainly doesn’t mean that there is a 7 percent drop in coffee, lattes, and muffins. Instead the pumpkin spice slack is being picked up by the new favorite – salted caramel.

Since the beginning of 2014, salted caramel has been “booming”, according to MyFitnessPal, which has enjoyed a 7 percent spike since the start of 2014.

It’s hard to know what 2015 will bring with pumpkin spice fading. Will it really be the flavor that disappears over the course of this winter? Probably not, but then Starbucks has plenty of other things to worry about in terms of its customers.

Customers are less concerned about the availability of Pumpkin Spice and are a lot more concerned about Starbucks turning off power and WiFi services or changing up the things they offered. It would be hard to imagine that Starbucks would change up their menu enough to cut pumpkin spice lattes from the menus, but we can certainly expect to see more salted caramel than ever before!


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