CVS is working hard to be known more for health than as a corner store specializing in junk foods. There have been many efforts to this end, but the most recent is the announcement that CVS is revamping stores to move the junk foods to the back of the store while centering the good stuff up front.

Of course, some of the healthier choices may not be quite as healthy as CVS might like. Kind bars, for example, will be stocked near the registers as healthy choices, relegating the Oreos and other sweet snacks to the back aisles where you must look a bit harder for temptation. Kind bars, however, have recently been identified by the Food and Drug Administration as being a bit less healthy than their packaging would like you to think. Of course they are probably still healthier than the chocolate, lard and sugar confection that creates an Oreo cookie.

Becoming CVS Health

CVS is first and foremost a pharmacy, a drug store. The shops center on the pharmacy, but have grown to become a medium sized corner store sporting basic dry goods, dairy, toys, beauty supplies and more. CVS has had similar merchandise for years, but last year CVS rebranded and became CVS Health rather than CVS Caremark. The rebrand did two things. It refocused the store chain on providing overall health products to customers and it helped the chain make quite a bit more money as well.

The largest revenue stream, even after the rebrand, is the pharmacy and drug services. This is not a surprise, however, as CVS is also the largest health care company in the country. With thousands of stores across the country, you can find a CVS is virtually every town.

Growing and Changing

The name change isn’t all for CVS. The company is also working to create a true health experience inside the store. This summer the store expanded its dry grocery products to include fresh foods and healthy (and healthy-ish) snacks. The candy, sweets and salty snacks that are usually so popular in corner stores moved farther into the aisles to allow for more nuts, granola and health food bars.

The changes are ongoing still, with a full CVS store mock-up used at the company headquarters to test out new aisle arrangements and product placement. But even bigger changes are in the works. CVS and Target have reached a $1.9 billion deal where CVS will acquire ever Target pharmacy.

Perhaps as the company continues to grow, it can work harder to soothe the frazzled employees and frustrated customers all of this growth and change seem to leave behind.


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