Netflix has gotten a great deal of positive attention lately for its progressive policy on maternity leave. Earlier this week, Netflix announced that they would be implementing a new policy that employees would be able to take unlimited maternity leave. While the media celebrated, an ugly truth shifted to light - not all of Netflix employees would be able to take advantage of the policy. Apparently there are two classes of people working at Netflix, and it pays to be in the upper class.

DVD and Streaming

Netflix got started with mailing DVDs to customers looking to watch movies easily. Overtime, the streaming business picked up dramatically and today Netflix apparently runs the DVD division separately from the streaming business. They have different reporting systems, different management and apparently different human resources policies.

It is the Netflix streaming division that benefits from the new maternity leave policy. The Netflix DVD division is lucky to make $15 per hour – without many additional benefits.

Despite bringing in $765 in revenue every year, the DVD division of Netflix is treated much like second class citizens. The division employs primarily hourly employees who no longer are able to take advantage of stock benefits and who have the option to contribute to a 401k…with a $25,000 annual income.

The streaming division, on the other hand, employees engineers making over $300,000 per year due to high demand. The real perks and benefits are being reserved for these employees. And employees in other divisions are feeling the slight.

Customer Complaints about Netflix

Netflix isn’t just battling some internal murmurs and complaints. Netflix customers are becoming increasingly frustrated as well, but for different reasons.

The two chief complaints about Netflix are the annoying self-promotion that the company has started during what used to be uninterrupted streaming as well as the availability of certain programs. If the irritated customers are correct, there are fewer “good” shows on Netflix now than there used to be, and when you do sit down to watch a show, you can expect to be interrupted by commercials for Netflix’s own shows almost constantly.

Some customers are so irritated by these new interruptions that they are planning to stop using the streaming service all together. Others are furious and are working their way toward canceling their Netflix subscription and returning to cable or using a competitor.

It looks as through Netflix still has some issues it needs to work out if it wants to keep those streaming customers happy.


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