A McDonalds in France was in a rather awkward position after a sign posted in the store made it onto social media. The sign, which was hung in a McDonalds in Hyeres near Marseille appeared to chastise workers for giving their employee meals to homeless individuals.

The sign explained:

“After an incident on July 25th, it is absolutely forbidden to provide food to vagrants, as a reminder, the team’s meals should be eaten on the premises. Meals for team members are a personal benefit and are to be enjoyed only by the worker in question.”

The notice went on to say: “McDonald’s is not in the business of feeding all the hungry people in the land,” and concluded: “Any diversion from the procedure cited above will result in sanction that could lead to dismissal.”

The employees of the store thought this particular sentiment was a bit of out of line and took a picture of the sign to showcase it on social media. Not surprisingly, the sign began to spread across the internet and soon the corporate offices of McDonalds noticed and made a statement of its own.

Fortunately, it would seem that only the management or owners of the franchise in France feel like firing employees for giving their employee meals to the less fortunate. The corporate offices of McDonald’s has publicly apologized for the entire incident.

The Full Story on Feeding the Homeless

In the public apology, McDonalds explained that there was a serious incident involving homeless individuals at the store that started the whole mess. The sign, which McDonalds acknowledged was “clearly clumsy” was aimed at keeping the restaurant safe for customers.

The sign was apparently removed quickly and the public apology by McDonalds was almost immediate, but the damage was done. Sign or no sign, it would seem that at least one McDonald’s restaurant isn’t entirely in line with the brand’s policy of being “dedicated to serving all its clients without discrimination.”

The big public apology did not, however, include any more specifics about what employees can do with their employee meals. The spokeswoman also neglected to explain or elaborate on any more than the official canned statement.

Complaints about McDonalds

Of course, McDonalds isn’t new to the game of public apologies and customer complaints. More than 1,100 customers have logged complaints on PissedConsumer about the food, service and experience at McDonalds. The complaints range from cold food to full theft. Obviously the problems with McDonalds are not confined to southern France. It would seem not everyone is “loving it” at their local McDonalds.



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