In the second annual 24/7 Wall St. analysis, Comcast has topped the list for sheer number of customer complaints. In the results published last week, 24/7 Wall St. compiled results on 150 companies. Of these 150, those with the worst record of customer service topped the list in the “Hall of Shame”. While Comcast came out on top, it was in close company with DirectTV, Bank of America, AT&T and Dish Network. The top ten list was entirely comprised of media companies and banks.

Comcast Makes a Poor Showing

A full 28 percent of reviews said that Comcast’s customer service was “poor.” Another 26 percent rated the service as only “fair.” While this survey doesn’t give examples, Comcast received marks as having the worst customer service, not just in its own industry, but in every industry. Fortunately here at Pissed Consumer, we have many, many examples of exactly why Comcast may have such a terrible reputation.

There are a total of 2,306 complaints about Comcast on Pissed Consumer with a total of more than half a million dollars lost to consumers. What’s especially telling is customers complaining about Comcast don’t even fault the customer service representatives for the poor service.

As one reviewer from Georgia explains, “I feel sorry for their customer service reps...Obviously no one of the supervisors and above give a ***.”

When customers go beyond angry to pitying the reps who can do nothing to help them, it’s easy to see where Comcast won’t be coming off the Hall of Shame list any time soon.

The Complaints against Comcast

Comcast seems to have a few elements that customers repeatedly complain about online.

Price Increases
Comcast customers think they are signed up for a particular service and expect the same bill and the same service every month. Unfortunately many customers experience seemingly random price increases over the months. Their bills change, and when they call customer service they can’t seem to get a straight answer from anyone about why they are paying more and more every month for seemingly worse service.

Service Drops Unexpectedly
Other reviews claim that Comcast is constantly dropping or cutting out service for “unexpected maintenance.” When customers call to sort of what’s happened to their cable or internet, they are told that being shut down is really to their own benefit as the company is “improving” their service during the maintenance. Needless to say, customers aren’t feeling any great benefits.

Canned Customer Service Response
Every time a customer calls Comcast customer service, they are given scripted responses that do nothing to ease their frustration. In fact, as one customer said, “All the ‘canned responses’ makes me ill.”

Judging by the results in the 24/7 Wall St. survey, there are a lot of ill Comcast customers and former customers out there.


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