Ah, the adorable little yellow minions. They are cute, funny and apparently serious pottymouths. In a recent cross promotion with the Minions movie, McDonalds included talking minion toys in their Happy Meals for children. Unfortunately one of the minions appears to be saying a bit more than parents bargained for.

Parents React to Profanity

The little caveman minion says something that sounds like rather extreme profanity. When the toy is activated he repeats a few phrases. One of those phrases sounds something like “what the f--k.” Of course, with the extremely cheap “voice” recording that is included in a free Happy Meal toy, the recording is a bit garbled, but parents are absolutely convinced that the minions are teaching their children to swear.

One parent complained on our site about the toy, claiming that her young daughter screamed “what the f---!” in church one day and actually caused the entire family to be removed from the service. The family blames McDonalds for allowing toys to teach her daughter profanity.

This is by far not the only complaint. There are videos all over YouTube showing others what the little minions are capable of. There are articles, reviews, complaints and stories all over social media. In fact, Detroit Free Press columnist Nancy Kaffer said she "died a little inside" after hearing the phrase repeated by her preschool-age son.

Overly dramatic reactions aside, there is a real question here – what exactly is the minion saying?

Minionese versus Profanity

With the onslaught of complaints, McDonalds issued a statement about the toy. Apparently all of the minions in the children’s Happy Meals are speaking “Minionese”. This is an imaginary language that all of the Minions speak in the Despicable Me movies and the new Minions movie. While there are a few words that may be recognizable in the language, most are just garbled sounds and expressions.

A few examples offered by McDonalds include “para la bukay”, “hahahaha” and “eh eh”. Of course none of those sound much like the F word, but we can only imagine what the original phrase was supposed to be.

Meanwhile, the bigger news at McDonalds isn’t the drama surrounding a children’s toy – it’s the market share that the fast food company is losing to other, more innovative restaurants. Of course, with the new potentially swearing toys, there may very well be a run on Happy Meals by amused patrons anxious to own their own despicable minion toy.

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