In 1861 the United States was at war with itself. The South had succeeded and become the Confederate States of America where the government was more limited and slavery was legal. Today, the flag that flew on the battle field for the Confederate Army is very much a hot topic. Is the Confederate Battle Flag, or “Stars and Bars” a symbol of a Southern Heritage of a symbol of hate?

Many, including the retailer Walmart, feel the Confederate flag is a symbol of oppression, and the corporation has made the very public decision to remove all Confederate merchandise from its stores.
On the other side of the spectrum, there are many Southerners who feel the Confederate flag is just that – a flag. To these individuals, the flag isn’t a call for racism or oppression, it’s a symbol of the South. One man went to Walmart feeling just this way and asked for a custom cake. The cake was to be decorated with the Confederate Flag and feature the text “Heritage Not Hate”.

Walmart denied the order.

While we might praise Walmart for being conscientious and sticking to their guns about what they do and don’t allow, the same bakery made a rather stunning mistake immediately after denying one cake. The same bakery that held issue with making a cake decorated with a battle flag from 1861 had no problem at all decorating a cake with a battle flag from 2015.

Which battle flag? The symbol of ISIS in the Middle East. The same ISIS the United States is currently fighting as battles rage on and casualties mount. The same Walmart bakery who denied a Confederate flag cake made one depicting the flag of our country’s current enemy for the same customer.


After the customer brought his beautifully decorate war cake home, he immediately took some pictures and videos and started an online campaign asking, “Walmart, can you please explain why you are alienating southern Americans with this trash that you allow to be sold in your store, while at the same point Confederate flag memorabilia is not allowed?”

After the store took hold and started going viral – including reviews on this website – Walmart issued an apology. According to Walmart, the associate who made the cake didn’t recognize the flag. Apparently, according to a Walmart spokesman, the ““talented bakery associates take pride in what they create for our customers. It’s unfortunate that one customer sought to take advantage of an associate who did not know the flag or its meaning. This cake should not have been made, and we apologize for the mistake.”

Despite the public apology, it’s very likely the ISIS cake story will continue to make waves in the social media networks for some time.

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