It’s not news that Amazon is a fan of delivery drones. Nor is it news that Amazon has built a business around prompt delivery. Now Amazon is taking the next step and trying to get the world on board with 30-minute delivery via drone in a protected air space.

Protected Air Space

In a rather startling presentation, Amazon announced Tuesday its desire to establish a high-speed protected airspace for drone flight. The move came at the Nasa UTM Convention at Nasa Ames in California, and it wasn’t a vague mention – Amazon has a fully developed proposal for the world to consider.

Amazon’s aeronautics experts proposed that the air between 200 and 400 feet be segregated off for the most cutting edge drone. These drones would come equipped with communications and sensory equipment. Flying at 60 knots or more, these high-speed drones would be below commercial airline flight, but well above the majority of buildings and citizens. In fact, the space between 400 and 500 feet would be an official no-fly zone to provide a level of air protection between drone flight and airliners.

Changing the World of Delivery

Amazon has already made some impressive changes in the world of delivery. The company has coordinated with the United States Postal Service to offer Sunday delivery – a day the post office has never delivered on before.

Now the online retailer wants the world to prepare for a “paradigm shift” that will come with the increased number of drones as delivery vehicles. In the company’s position paper, Amazon feels that the 85,000 commercial flights moving through the sky every day will be “dwarfed” by the hundreds of thousands of small, unmanned drones moving through the sky.

Amazon has made many noises about drone delivery before. In fact, the company has a drone delivery testing facility in a secret Canadian location right now. The new paper presented this week shows just how serious Amazon is becoming about drone delivery – and how much more prodding the Federal Aviation Administration will need before this new vision becomes a reality.

In the meantime, while the aeronautic experts and drone proponents at Amazon are working on changing the future, the rest of the company can continue working to ensure that the famous sure-fire delivery comes through as being as exceptional as promised. Because, despite world-changing views of the future, Amazon has a few kinks in its current delivery model if our consumer reviews are to be believed.


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