According to the Huffington Post, Subway is in big trouble. First Jared, one of the most recognizable faces in fast food, was involved in child pornography searches at his home. Subway dropped its spokesman of fifteen years immediately. Now Subway is back in the news, but this time the problem isn’t with the spokesman – it’s an issue with the stores.

Staying Competitive

When Subway was first introduced to the fast food marketplace in 1965, the fast food marketplace was in its infancy. Subway provided an alternative to hamburgers by offering fresh vegetables, deli meats and the opportunity to build your own sandwich.

Fast forward fifty years and things aren’t looking quite so new and innovative anymore.

The concepts started in our grandparents’ day are still identical in modern stores. Pick a size, pick a bread, choose your toppings and enjoy! Sometimes simplicity works well for companies, but in this case the lack of innovation is actually hurting Subway. Consider its competition.

Chipotle is one of the fastest growing food stores in the United States and it offers a similar style of service. Walk the line, pick up the items you want, put them into a bowl or burrito and enjoy. So why is Chipotle soaring which Subway is falling behind?

While the analysts at Huffington Post have their answers, the actual Subway consumers have shared their own version of events here on PissedConsumer. Sadly the stories are almost identical.

Subway’s Fall from Grace

Subway has long billed itself as being a healthy alternative to fast food. But overtime the health factors have digressed a bit. Subway was one of the last fast food companies to remove artificial ingredients from its menu – but not until Taco Bell and McDonalds did. Subway has also lost some customers over how the food is prepared and shown in the store.

In Chipotle, the meat is cooked in front of you on large grills before being used in meals. In Subway, the meat is pre-chopped and sorted into little packages. In one case, the little meat packages were stacked too high and allowed to warm up to room temperature. After eating the meat, a customer got food poisoning and brought in the Board of Health to investigate.

The pre-packaged portions of meat are also making many customers feel like they aren’t getting what they have paid for – especially when they pay for double-meat. A few slices of thinly sliced deli meat over a foot of bread isn’t much to work with when you’re paying for a custom sandwich.

While Subway has tried to innovate a bit in the last few years – by adding guacamole, primarily – the sandwich chain is perpetually in misstep with customers. And if almost 600 complaints here on this website are accurate, Huffington Post is right to say that Subway is in Big Trouble.


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