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Proflowers - Review about Mothers Day Flowers in Hays, Kansas

Run from Proflowers

Mother’s Day is one of the best (and easiest) holidays of all. To celebrate the day you simply need to find your mother something special to tell her that you love her. With our many different floral delivery options, you can actually send flowers from anywhere in the world to your mother for her to enjoy on her day. The ease of delivery makes the process simple, and every mother appreciate a nice thought on a special day.

But what if the flowers you’ve ordered aren’t a very good reflection of your feelings? What if you spend a nice amount on flowers and get almost nothing in return?

Unfortunately, the many florist shops on the web know that Mother’s Day (like Valentine’s Day) is a flower-sending holiday and many companies are simply out for as much profit as they can rake in, regardless of the actual product delivered.

Inflated Prices

A common tactic over Mother’s Day is to sell inexpensive flowers in an expensive arrangement. You order the “deluxe” arrangement that is specially designed for Mother’s Day and find out that you’ve paid for three roses and some baby’s breath in a cheap vase. Not exactly the type of hey-I-love-you-lots sort of look you’re going for – especially if you’re charged close to $40 for those three stems!

Too-Good Deals

Of course, there are also some good sales on flowers on Mother’s Day. The companies want your business after all, any many hope to lure you in with a special offer. You might hear the offer over the radio or see an ad while you’re online.

A dozen roses or a hundred blooms for $20 sounds like a deal, so you start the ordering process. And then you learn that $20 may be all you’re paying for the flowers, but you’re also charged a processing fee, a delivery fee and who knows what other fees that bring your total up from $20 closer to $50. Naturally you may not learn this before you’ve gone through a lot of hassles filling out forms, but even with some special handling, roses don’t normally cost $30 to ship.

Shady Deals

Then there are the deals you need to stay well clear of. Sure you might pay more than you’d like for shipping with a too-good-to-be-true deal, but you’re still getting $20 worth of flowers at the end of it. In other cases, websites require you to enter your credit card information before you can see the final shipping prices.

By then it’s too late. Even if you close out of the window, your credit card information has been sent and received. Whether you wanted them or not, you’ve ordered flowers and they probably aren’t the cheap flowers either. By the time the flowers actually arrive at your mother’s house, or worse, the home of your mother-in-law, you can expect the quality of the flowers to match the quality of the company whose shady dealings sold them to you without your full consent.