Window World Sucks!

Window World Christmas Fiasco! AKA HOUSE RAPE!! Louisville Franchise!

It starts off with a simple plan – you need to replace some windows. Or install some new siding. But anything costing thousands of dollars is going to quickly escalate beyond simple. In fact, if you’re not careful, your simple plan to bring out a company to replace windows can quickly dissolve into a major conundrum.

Windows and Window Installers

There is a simple truth to keep in mind when you buy discount windows. Sure, the advertisement says you’ll be paying less than $200 per window, installed, but consider where the pricing savings will be. The window’s price remains fixed. The price of labor can change. In this case, the price of labor will have to go way, way down in order to install your windows for the quoted price.

This seems like a great deal – windows installed with a minimum labor charge! Unfortunately, paying the minimum labor price guarantees you the minimum amount of labor.

When installing windows, there is a great deal more to it than pulling one window out and installing another. Windows have to be forced out, screen removed, windowsills cut and replaced. Most importantly, if the windows are not installed carefully and correctly they will leak both water and air making them a wide-open pathway to the outside environment. Exactly what you were trying to prevent with your new windows!

Sloppy Siding

The same can be said about siding on your home. Sure, discount siding sounds good, but what does it look like in reality? The discount comes on labor, so you can’t expect the laborers to take more than the absolute minimum time to do the job. Often that means they don’t measure twice – that takes longer than measuring once! They cut corners – literally sometimes. And when the job is done, they aren’t going to do more than a cursory clean-up around your home.

After all, you get what you paid for!

Using Discounts to Your Advantage

It’s easy to find the problems with discount windows and siding, but there are benefits there as well. If you plan to use discount installers, be prepared to do a lot more reading and following up. Read the contract you’re signing carefully – both front and back. Anticipate the installers by clearing the areas around the house or windows and moving items away from the windows or walls on the inside. Take down drapes and blinds and store them carefully.

The more busy work you do, the less the installers have to do and the more time they have to work carefully on your windows or siding. It stands to reason, however, that you should be available to carefully monitor the work and point out big issues along the way so that they can be corrected before the installers leave.