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Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to start preparing and planting gardens – especially if you’re hoping to grow fruits and vegetables. As you turn your soil and prepare your compost, give some thought to your plants this year as well – do you know what it is you’re planting? Do you have a plan for ordering your plants? If not, perhaps it’s time to do some planning.

Checking for Organic Seals

Organic plants must be grown in certain conditions from seed to harvest. If you are planning an organic garden, be sure to do your research before you pay for any plants. Anyone can put words on a website or flyer, but only certain companies actually have a seal to show the plants they create are, in fact, organic. Look for the seal if companies claim to be selling organic plants. Dig a bit deeper. Organic plants are almost always slightly more expensive, so consider your research time money well spent.

Work with Friendly People

Like so many businesses, growers have to compete for your business. If you’re not satisfied with how a farm is managed or you realize you don’t particularly care for how a seller is speaking to you, his customer, the solution is simple. Don’t do business there.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a customer service environment is the right one for you. After all, most sellers are glad to smile and take your money. The real truth comes out when things don’t go smoothly after money has changed hands. This is one of the nice things about online reviews. Read what others have experienced and learn from the stories online.

Buy Locally

There are a few benefits to buying your plants locally. The first is that buying plants that are grown in your area ensures the plants you buy will continue to thrive in your yard. Not only that, but buying plants locally means you can actually see the quality of the plants you’re buying and you can see the conditions in which the plants are grown. Spending hundreds of dollars on plants sight-unseen can be dangerous for your pocketbook. You can never be quite sure what it is that’s being sent your way.

Of course, sometimes we want something special and you have to send away for it. If that is the case, be sure to work with a company willing to overnight or at least express ship the item to you. If it’s going to take three weeks for a tree to arrive, what could be the hold-up? A farm where the trees, vines or shrubs are grown isn’t going to take three weeks to dig up a plant and ship it – the plant simply won’t survive that long. Shop around until you find someone willing to move fast. Plants aren’t forgiving if you drag your feet.