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Children, especially babies, outgrow clothing and toys in a record amount of time. It’s hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a new baby wardrobe every few months, so it makes financial sense to try and sell back those gently used clothes to regain some of the original expense. As many people have discovered, however, selling children’s clothing and toys through a consignment shop or second hand shop isn’t always as simple as you might think.

They Won’t Take Everything

The employees in a second hand store will often pay for the clothing items they take, but it’s a certainty that they won’t take everything you bring in. A popular consignment store might have dozens of customers coming through every day to try and sell all of their baby’s early wardrobe. There is no way that the store can take every one of the items offered – even if they are gently used.

You may think there is nothing wrong with a jacket or baby outfit, but if the employees in the store look it over carefully and noticing pilling, broken zippers or even the smallest tears, they won’t take it. They can afford to be choosy after all – they have dozens of customers coming in the same day offering similar clothing items. It may be frustrating to lug five bags of clothing into the store only to lug four and a half back out, but you can’t blame the store – they can afford to be picky and have no shortage of clothing and baby gear to pick from.

Prices Have to Be Low

You paid $20 for an adorable outfit. You take it to the baby consignment store and learn that you’re only going to get $2 for it. Shocked and offended by the offer you leave the store in a huff. This is an extremely common occurrence in a second-hand store, but it shouldn’t be.

The store is in business to sell second-hand clothing at a low price. In order to have special sales and offer the lowest prices on the quality clothing, they must buy high quality clothing at a low price. That means the clothing you bring into the store are going to get a low price. And yes, the store will then turn around the sell them for more. That’s the way a business works.

It doesn’t actually matter how much you paid for an item a year ago, it matters what customers are willing to pay for it now. If that’s $3, you’re going to get $2 for the item so the store has a bit of room to try and make a profit.

It’s Not Your Only Option

As frustrated as customers get with second-hand and consignment stores not paying them what they want for their baby clothing, there is another option. In fact, there are many options. Taking your clothing to sell takes most of the work out of the process. You show up, you profit, the store works to resell and they profit.

If you want to keep all of the profit or at least maximize the amount you get for your items, you may have to do a bit more work to sell those baby items at a yard sale, flea market or online. Put yourself in control of the sale and you control the price. Simple!