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TruGreen killed patches of my yard

Grass4Sale - Cancelled order without notifying us!!!

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Grass4Sale - Charged for grass not delivered

When you pay companies to care for your lawn, you expect some sort of results. Your grass should be greener. The snow and winter debris should be cleared away. The fallen limbs hauled off. There is nothing worse, however, than paying for lawn services to improve your lawn, only to realize that the “improvements” have made your yard much, much worse.

Clearing the Snow Away

The first step to a healthy front yard is getting snow out of it. Granted you have to wait for most of the snow to melt away over your grass, but you can still work on your walkways and some areas after a bit of snow clearing. Sadly one family found that moving snow is a job best done under supervision. After paying a company to remove the snow for them, they were out a hefty sum and stuck with every bit of snow that fell. Perhaps some neighborhood kids would do a better job in the future – for far less!

Bald Spots in Your Lawn

Once your grass has been uncovered, it’s time to fertilize your lawn and start eliminating weeds as they crop up. Fortunately you don’t have to do this all by yourself since there are so many good companies just waiting for your call. Unfortunately, you have to be sure that you call the right one to help.

One customer found that after six years of faithful service, the yard company came to kill weeds in his yard – and wound up killing large chunks of his grass instead. Needless to say he was not at all thrilled by the experience. He tried to regrow the grass twice – only to have the same “treatment” kill off the new growth in the bald spots. Finally, he cancelled the lawn treatment only to find that when left alone the grass is growing just fine.

Sodding the Lawn

Of course, sometimes you have to lay new sod to make your lawn great again. If this is the route you’re taking, consider dealing locally where you can speak with an actual person about the grass you’re ordering. Two different families tried ordering online only to discover that their experience was less than they were expecting.

One family was charged for almost twice as much grass as they actually had ordered – and they are still working with the credit card company to fight back against the charges. Another family prepared their soil, lined up friends and waited anxiously for their sod…which never came.

Removing Trees and Debris

Another customer found out the hard way that paying someone to cut down and then remove unsightly trees only works is the tree cutters stick around to do the heavy lifting. He hired a company to remove some trees but then got stuck with a pile of cut wood when the guys cutting the tree bailed on him. Of course, if he hadn’t paid them halfway through the job he might have had better results, so buyer beware – there are some “workers” who will only work until cash in their hand. Don’t pay the full fee until the full job is complete.