Suburban Propane - Unregulated, bait and switch, price gouging, unfair business practices

Suburban Propane - Suburban refill price 9/15/14 $5.59!!! Nearly 3 times the refill price of competitors

2 people in our park used Suburban Propane and charged different prices per gal.

There are many choices when it comes to heating your home. One of the best for those living in more rural areas is propane. Propane is straightforward enough. A large propane tank is installed on your property and the gas lines are run from the tank into your home. Periodically when your gas gets low in the tank, you call the company to come and refill it.

Of course, like so many things that should be straightforward, some problems can crop up with this simple heating solution.

Scattered Deliveries

If you’re living in a cold climate and you’re relaying on propane for heat, having a steady supply is not just important – it’s critical. Unfortunately, sometimes propane companies don’t feel the same urgency that you do for a steady supply of propane.

These companies might move delivery dates around, even though you called in plenty of time to leave yourself some wiggle room. Of course, if the truck doesn’t come for weeks, it’s hard to gauge how much gas you’ll need and that can be downright dangerous.

Disregard for Safety

Using gas for heating and cooking can have its own slew of possible issues. One of those is a gas leak somewhere in your home. When you’re working from a propane tank, it’s easy to see when a leak is occurring – the gas simply disappears from your tank.

In the case of one family, the tank ran empty quite unexpectedly. The family immediately called the propane company to inspect the tank and the lines for a possible leak. Concerned about safety, the customer was rather irritated when the tank employees didn’t show up for almost twelve hours. When they did show up, the workers simply put a bit more gas in the tank, did a glance at the outside tank and declared it fine. That’s certainly not what a concerned customer wants to hear.

The next morning the tank was empty again – so much the “fine” system and the refill.

Price Gouging

Finally, one of the biggest obstacles you run into with refilling a tank with something like gas is the cost of refilling it. The first time you fill your tank you’ll likely be offered an introductory rate. Every time after that, however, you may be paying through the nose.

One propane company is allegedly charging customers more than twice as much as other companies in the area. Customers, many of whom are stuck in contracts or with fixed refill schedules are paying two or even three times as much for their propane gas as they would be paying if they went with another company.

Sure, the price of gas fluctuates all of the time, much like the price of oil or any commodity, but if every other company is charging around $2.50 per gallon of gas delivered, why would another company sell their gas at $5? The short answer is because people are either locked into paying that ridiculously high price or they don’t know any better.

In a case like this, it may be time for these customers to get legal representation or complain formally. For any new customers, complaints about the issue may be all they need to steer clear.