Mynamenecklace - Review about Name Necklace from Toronto, Ontario

Mynamenecklace - No communication at all, waste of money

Mynamenecklace - Very Very late delivery and not what I ordered

Mynamenecklace - Review about Monogram Necklace from Amelia, Louisiana

We do a huge amount of shopping online. There are so many customized products available through websites and global connections it would be a shame to avoid the opportunities that the internet has brought to retail. But sadly just because it online shopping is available, it isn’t always a good idea. There are always a few possibilities for problems when you place an order online, but checking for a few tell-tale signs of issues can help you steer clear of the worst problems at least.

If you’re considering ordering from a new website, take a cautionary approach and do just a bit of research before handing over your credit card information.

Online Reviews Are Negative

It’s natural for every company to have an occasional negative or neutral review. After all, we are people helping people and we all have a bad day occasionally. But it is certainly not natural to have one negative review after another online. If you do a quick search for the company you’re about to order from and find negative reviews, be cautious.

As you read those reviews, you may learn that what seemed like a pretty necklace or a really good deal isn’t much of a deal at all. Customers post about their negative experiences so that you don’t have to repeat the madness. Hopefully you’re willing to heed the warning.

Limited or No Contact Information

Dig a bit on the website and look for contact information. How hard is it to get in touch with the people at the website? A reputable company is going to have a great deal of contact information available. You should be able to find email addresses and phone numbers to the different departments in a company. Even if you’re just working with an individual, anyone running a serious business is going to have published contact information.

The rule here is pretty simple. If there is no contact information, there should be no sale. It’s pretty shady business practice to not allow would-be customers contact a person at the store with questions or concerns.

Test Order Goes Wrong

Sometimes you have to gamble a bit and order something pricey from an unknown website if you’re going to have the item in hand before a holiday or birthday. But other times you have plenty of time to try out a new site before sending them hundreds of your dollars.

If you have your eye on a pretty necklace that costs well over $100, keep an eye on it, but don’t order it just yet. Instead order something else on the site that costs considerably less as a sort of trial run. Try to order something you want or can use as a gift in the future, but if your $10 item arrives damaged, late or never makes it at all, it’s a pretty good bet that your $100 item isn’t going to do much better.

On the other hand, if that $10 item arrives intact and is of good quality you can continue to order from the site with peace of mind about all future purchases.