Globe Life Insurance - Not Paying The Claim


Globe Life Insurance - Horrible experience.

Life insurance is never any fun to think about, but it is most certainly important to consider - especially if you have a spouse or dependents. As sad as it is, dying is expensive, and have a solid life insurance policy gives you peace of mind that all of your accounts can be settled and your funeral costs covered without leaving a burden on your loved ones.

Of course, life insurance is just what you need for peace of mind – unless it’s not.

Sadly, it’s often only after a loved one passes that we discover issues with life insurance. That is why it’s so important to do your research ahead of time in order to sort through potential problems now rather than giving those close to you even more misery later on.

Customer Service Can’t Be Bothered

The first big clue that you’re dealing with something fishy is when customer service can’t seem to be bothered with questions or concerns. In some cases you can’t even get customer service on the phone in the first place to take your money. If you’re fighting representatives in order to give them money, you’re dealing with the wrong company. Take your money elsewhere and find agents who are respectful of your time and payment.

A History of Not Paying

Life Insurance exists for a single reason – to payout when someone dies. So what do you do with an expensive life insurance policy that doesn’t actually pay out when you need it the most? Do your research now on the experiences of others. If you realize that claims that should have been legitimate like car accidents and unexpected blood clots are being turned away, you have a giant warning sign to not proceed. Likewise if the company seems to find just about any reason – digging through years of research or claiming a lapse more than a year ago – find another company.

Strange Rules on Policies

Finally, if you start looking through the paperwork and notice that there is more than the usual fine print, start reading a bit closer. If the company is planning to raise your premiums at random times – like when your child is 16 or 26 – slowdown in your consideration. It could be an industry standard to have certain rules about premiums and such, or it may be that the insurance company you’re considering is trying to take you for a ride. Before you sign on any dotted lines, talk to at least one other company first to see what sort of fine print you’d be dealing with there.