Cabinets To Go - Warning, warning stay away from Cabinet to go

Cabinets To Go: Dishonest and Totally Unprofessional

Cabinets To Go - Cheap Chinese cabinets, they are never in stock and WAY overpriced

The kitchen is the heart of the home. A place to gather. A place to cook. A place to eat together as a family sharing tales of the day. But how do you build a kitchen without cabinets? Not very well.

Unfortunately thousands of customers have learned a difficult lesson about buying cabinets. These customers opted for cabinets from a discount vendor and many are still waiting for parts of their order – in some cases a full year later!

Flashy and Bright Advertisements

It’s not just cars that are sold through flashy advertising. Kitchen cabinets – thousands of dollars’ worth of cabinets – are often sold the same way. A television commercial comes on and tells you about terrific savings. Thousands of dollars off! Terrific savings! High-quality products! Sell! Sell! Sell!

While eye-rolling at times, advertisements like this do produce the desired effect. You remember the company name. You remember those great deals. And when you have $4000 to spend on cabinets, you go with the company you think of first – the well-advertised one.

Finding Excuses Not Solutions

Sadly, the attention to detail ends with the commercial break. A many pissed consumers learned the hard way, once you start working with the cabinet company or the cabinet company’s website, you’re wading in a mire of problems you can’t quickly escape.

You find a cabinet you like and you order a kitchen’s worth. You pay your $4,000 as expected and wait to be updated on delivery. A week later you’re still waiting. And the week after that. And the week after that. Finally, if you’re like most customers, you start looking for answers, and in this case the only thing you’ll find are sorry excuses.

The cabinets are backordered.

The parts are on order.

Only part of your order is available – will you take delivery for those?

It will be just a bit longer due to manufacturer issues.

We’ll look into and call you back.

What you want are cabinets. What you’re getting is a run-around. Unfortunately this particular run-around doesn’t have a bit of fun and it doesn’t end well. If the company ever manages to find your cabinets and have them delivered don’t expect much.

Questionable Deals on Cabinets

You get a call to schedule delivery and excitedly await the cabinets. Unfortunately when you open the box you realize that the cabinets aren’t what you ordered. You may be missing pieces. You might have one or two doors or cabinets missing. You might even realize you’ve waited weeks and weeks for the wrong color cabinets since the company ordered the wrong ones.

At this point you have only a handful of options. None are particularly good options, mind you. You can continue to harass customer service to send you the missing parts and cabinet pieces. Or you can send the whole mess back and start working to cancel thousands of dollars in merchandise. Or you can just throw up your hands, consider a lawsuit, work with what you have, and experience the rage that comes with a very, very expensive lesson learned.