Stemologica, We need to stand together on This issue.


There’s no getting around it. Getting scammed is extremely frustrating, and sadly it seems it’s easier than ever for companies to rip good customers off. Most of us want immediate action when we get scammed, but it’s a bit of a challenge sometimes to figure out exactly what to do about it.

Join a Lawsuit

Often a scam doesn’t just happen to one person. It may be that dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people have all been scammed by the “free trial” company, website or individual. Most of the scams are too small to register in the courts. A judge won’t particularly care if you lost $200. But you care a lot!

Fortunately, there are often plenty of other irate customers who also care about their loss. If you can round up enough of them, you can start a class action lawsuit against the company forcing automatic shipments. Sometimes the hard work is already done for you and you just need to join an existing lawsuit. Other times you have to get the ball rolling. Regardless, the legal system is supposed to help protect consumers – maybe this time one will protect you.

File a Complaint

If the company or website that scammed you is located in your own country, you may be able to file a formal complaint against the company with the Better Business Bureau or another watch dog group for the government. This may not get your money back, but it will get the scammer on the radar – especially if dozens or hundreds of complaints come in for the same group.

Warn Others

Again, there’s little or no change of punishment or refunds, but you can at least use sites like PissedConsumer to warn others about the possibilities of being scammed. Let the world know your story and maybe you can prevent others from falling into the same pitfalls.

Complaint sites like this one are also good areas to link up with others who have had similar experiences with particular companies. It may be the basis for a class action lawsuit or at least you’ll find a pal who understands the frustration and who might have additional suggestions that have worked for a particular company.

Live and Learn

Finally, you may just have to bite the bullet and move on. There are plenty of rebilling and auto-shipping companies and websites in the world and you got taken for a ride. If the website is hosted on another continent, if you don’t have a good legal case or you just should have known better, sometimes it’s important to live and learn.

Learn from the mistake. Warn others. And then just move on with your life a little bit more wary of what dangers lurk online and perhaps a bit more savvy as to how to avoid them.