I Chewed into a BUG in my Light Savory Vegetable Barley Progresso soup at lunch today in my office.

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There’s nothing better than a bit of hot soup when you’re feeling under the weather. But what if it’s the soup that’s actually making you sick? It’s hard to find a soothing bowl of soup comforting when you’re more than a bit afraid of what you’ll be biting into with each mouthful.

Bugs in the Soup

It’s nothing new to find a bit of extra in your food. Plastic, uncooked vegetables, or even hair, but what do you do when you bite into a big bug in your bowl of soup? You try your best not to throw up! This is what one customer experienced when she opened her soup, heated it up and then started eating it at lunch one day.

One big bite resulted in an unexpected crunch. Expecting the raw veggies or perhaps an uncooked noodle, she spit out the hard part of the soup. Imagine her surprise when she found a bug – complete with wings and antennae in her hand. Worst of all, the body of the bug had obviously been bitten and bug guts were oozing out. It’s one thing to swallow a tiny gnat without realizing it. It’s a whole other thing to be chewing up full-sized bugs.

Food Poisoning

Soup is usually a pretty safe option when you’re worried about a weak constitution. After all, if you have an iffy stomach, a bowl of warm soup should be soothing. Not so much for customer, however. After splurging on a $3.50 can of soup, he gave it a quick taste test. Unfortunately the soup wasn’t anything like he was expecting. It had a terrible taste as if it had gone bad in the can.

Even worse, the real trouble started for this gentleman a day or so later. Even just a few bites of the soup were enough to cause serious trouble. The taste-tester got violently ill for about thirty minutes. He almost passed out, then threw up and experienced diarrhea at the same time. Finally the sick spell passed, but he has vowed to never try this particular brand of soup again.

Cheap Meat

When you enjoy a bowl of soup, you expect certain things to be present. A bargain soup will have cheap ingredients like noodles and tiny vegetables. A more gourmet soup, on the other hand, should be full of large vegetables and savory meats. Imagine the surprise of one soup fan when he bought the new chili sold by his favorite soup company.

At the high price point, he expected something pretty impressive. Instead he got a watery gruel with chunks of mystery meat floating about. The meat was tough, foul and simply odd-tasting in the soup. It made the rest of the chili inedible due to flavor, but it also made it hard to mentally enjoy the meal – what exactly where these large chunks of rubbery meat? Certainly not something any chili fan would want to eat again!