A phishing scam is happening through email. It didn’t miss Lloyds Bank. A phishing is illegal but it doesn’t stop scammers to pretend that they are legitimate sources.

Phishing scammers are going through all the spheres of human life. They are trying to catch on a hook at least some amount of your hard earned money from bank account, credit card passwords or they may send you documents and links that are contained the malware.

We can see that few cases of fraud happened in the financial sphere lately. First it happened with Barclay’s Bank and now with Lloyds. So what is the phishing scam with Lloyds Bank?

Lloyds Bank
Whoever is behind the fraud is sending out the emails to Lloyds Bank customers advising about update in online banking. Of course as email has official look with Lloyds bank logo and proper content, the customers follow the provided link in order to update their banking account without misdoubt. But thus they are handing over the account details: credit card and bank account numbers, passwords and log on details to the phishing scammers.

If you receive one of those suspicious mails, do not follow the link, contact help center of your bank to check truthfulness of information you’ve received and to report a scam.