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If you’re injured on the job, you’re entitled to workman’s compensation. The premise is simple – it’s the implementation that goes absurdly challenging. How do you determine how much money you get? How do you sort out just how injured you are? Is the company liable for a mistake you made?

Enter the drama of workman’s comp.

Establishing a Claim

If you have been injured on the job, you will need to follow the absolute letter of the law. Unfortunately there are many, many individuals who try to milk companies for false injuries or continue to take compensation even after an injury has healed. These false claims are making it hard for legitimate claims to be processed correctly. After all, how can a company determine the difference between real internal pain and fake internal pain?

Laws are in your favor if you are hurt on the job, but you will need to follow all of the right steps in order to stay in the letter of the law. Often this means getting help right away to sort out just what your next step needs to be.

Get a Lawyer

Even if you can’t afford a high-profile attorney, find a more modestly priced lawyer or work with the lawyer form a union or pro bono firm. The lawyer will know all of the rules and regulations in your state when it comes to sorting out workman’s comp. If he doesn’t, find another lawyer.

The lawyer will help guide you through the process of making your claim and following it up for payments and medical treatment. This will be especially important if your company pushes your case off to a third party management firm. These firms exist for the protection and convenience of companies – not to make you feel better or get you your money faster.

It may be that the third party company fails to follow through on simple administrative tasks quickly enough for your liking. You may find yourself jumping through hoops to satisfy the company and possibly even doubting just how legitimate the processes the company requests may be. Your lawyer will be concerned about your interests and will probably know the best way to get situations resolved quickly as well.

Be Realistic

Finally, while nobody should be in pain from a work injury, it’s important to realize that workman’s compensation isn’t a retirement plan. It may be that you’re truly disabled to the point that you can’t work again, but that’s what disability payments are for. Workman’s comp claims are often investigated by skeptical representatives because the injured party goes on being injured for as long as they can to keep the paychecks rolling in.

Expect a natural end to workman’s compensation. Your legal representation or doctor can best advise you as to what to expect in both long-term and short-term compensation scenarios so that you are prepared ahead of time.