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Nobody likes feeling like a victim – especially when money is involved. But some things are only learned the hard way and too often this involves losing money or, at the very least, coming close to losing out. While there is no perfect way to protect yourself against all possible financial harm, you can certainly approach your financial matters with a bit more savvy to keep yourself just a bit more insulated from problems.

Wait It Out

Often money woes cause us to stress and panic. This panic can lead to quite a few bad choices. In fact there are lenders who target the desperate borrower with quick loans that charge absurdly high interest rates and predatory lending practices. These should obviously be avoided at all costs. Then there are others who don’t necessarily take advantage of a panicked borrower, but who may be more than willing to give you a loan you don’t actually need.

As hard as it may be, when financial problems arise, calm down. Put your emotional response on hold and think through the situation rationally. How much money do you actually need? Where is the best place to get that money from? What is the cost of borrowing from one place versus the other? Simply pausing for an hour or a day can save you countless headaches over a loan obtained in haste. There’s a reason “sleep on it” is a mantra for buying and borrowing.

Do Your Research

Thanks to the internet, we can do a tremendous amount of research in a very short amount of time. Feeling pressed on time? Take ten minutes to research the companies you plan on working with. If a bank claims to be the right lender, do a quick check to see what others have said about that lender.

Thanks to smartphones we don’t even have to be home to do some research. Buying a car? Check the loan options and company reviews on your phone while you wait. An informed financial consumer is a more satisfied consumer, after all.

Don’t Understand? Don’t Sign

It can be embarrassing to walk away from a financial deal, but walk away you should if you don’t know what it is you’re signing. Read everything in a contract and every piece of paper put in front of you. If you don’t know what you’re signing ask for a copy you can take with you to read over later with your legal advisor or someone who can sort through the legalese.

Expect many loan officers to resist or claim the terms are good for only the moment you’re sitting there, but they know if you leave the office you’re unlikely to return unless the deal is on the up and up. It’s far better to feel a bit uncomfortable or embarrassed leaving a bank empty-handed than to leave with terms you’re not comfortable with for the next five to ten years.