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Plentyoffish - POF wheres my account

As dating websites go, you can certainly find just about anything you’re looking for these days. Niche sites allow you to find particular religions, backgrounds or cultures. Larger sites give you the most variety and opportunity. But some dating sites simply crash and burn before anything can come of them – and there are plenty of irritated users speculating why.

The Blocking Game

If you’re searching for a special someone, a dating website can help you do exactly that. Of course, you have to first agree to be at the whim of the moderators or website owners who are in charge of the whole thing. For many this means following the rules or be kicked out.

But what if the website moderators are kicking people out who never break the rules?

It’s hard to fight back when you don’t know what you’re fighting against and for many male uses of a particular dating website, it’s become something of a game.

Who can get kicked off the fastest?

The scenario is simple. Men make profiles on the dating websites. They complete the (lengthy) sign-up process, hit complete and then start browsing the site and making connections with female users. And that’s where it starts to go wrong.

Kicked Off a Dating Website

One frustrated user reported making a meaningful connection with a woman. He got a notification she replied to his message, but when he went to log in, he learned that his account was deleted. Another was deleted shortly after he paid for an upgraded membership. No refunds, of course.

Still others have been kicked off in a matter of days. One man was kicked off and had his profile deleted in a matter of an hour.

Sadly you can complain all you want, but there’s nothing to be done because there’s no response to the customer service email address. You can even try setting up another account but you’ll have no luck there either. The website doesn’t just block email addresses. It blocks your entire IP address, so no computer at your home will allow you to sign back in.

Although at that point, why would you want to?

It might be best to go on and find another, more reputable, dating website that doesn’t seem to make it a practice of banning men.

As to why the men are so frequently banned, one pissed consumer had a suggestion. He believes the website blocks men so that the female users never can find their “fish” in the sea. If the ladies settle down, they won’t need the site and the profits for the dating company will dry up. It’s hard to argue with the logic there…