The sad truth of it is that dental work is expensive. Not everyone has dental insurance, and even if you do, the cost of partials and dentures can quickly spin into the thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of money for many patients, and it’s not surprising that many affordable dentistry offices have popped up to serve this particular niche of the market.

Of course, when you use a bargain dentist, you go in with reasonable expectations for what you’ll be getting. Obviously you don’t expect $10,000 worth of dental work for $800, but it’s still reasonable to expect the dentist and his staff to make sure you’re comfortable and that the dentures you do get fit comfortably.

Observe the Office before Committing

It is one thing to get your teeth cleaned in a facility that obviously has seen better days – and a mop – in the past. But before you shell out a thousand dollars you can’t really afford in the first place, you should absolutely get a feel for the place.

Check out the other patients. Do they look content and happy? Or perhaps is there a sullen air of frustration and anger in the air. Does the staff seem friendly and helpful to everyone in the waiting room? Most of all, do you hear and complaints from frustrated patients?

Granted, offices will go far to hide negative feedback from other patients, but you can often tell how a transaction went from how a patient leaves the office, or how he handles himself as he finished paying and checking out. If you gut is telling you patients are angry – why stick around?

Check Reviews

Your teeth are one of your most precious commodities. Your smile, your ability to eat correctly, your speech, and your confidence are usually linked to your mouth and your teeth. You wouldn’t rush into a surgery to remove your nose, so why would you rush into one that removes your teeth?

Do your research online or talk to other patients. Get reviews both online and from other customers before signing on any dotted lines. Hearing about a dentist who violently yanks teeth out or about a dentist office that can’t seem to make a simple partial should be enough to make you question the office, if not avoid it completely.

Communicate and Advocate

It’s important to remember that you’re paying the dentist for the service and goods he is providing. If you aren’t happy, be sure to let the dentist and his staff know about it. Being friendly and polite will often help your case, but you aren’t doing anyone a favor by going to the dentist you choose.

The dentist may not be the most expensive in the area, but he or she is still a professional who should take care with his patients and the products he is selling. Advocate for yourself and communicate your expectations and concerns as they come up.

Ill-fitting dentures in the office may make you uncomfortable. But ill-fitting dentures at home are simply unbearable. Everyone deserves a respectful visit and well-fitting dentures when they buy them – regardless of price.