Public Storage - Prices raised within a few months

Public Storage - Review about Broken Storage Unit from Village Of Pelham, New York

Found People Living in our RV =- Stored at Public Storage!

Public Storage - Was ROBBED !!!!!!!!!!

Public storage is becoming more popular than ever, but storing your items in a locked room on someone else’s property can have some downsides – many of them, in fact. With a signed contract, security cameras and property management, you should be pretty well covered. But, surprise, with some companies you – and your things – may not be very safe in storage.


One of the worst things that can happen to you in a storage unit is a robbery. One family was notified two months after the fact that their storage unit had been robbed. The storage unit claimed the owner would need to come to the unit right away to file a police report and identify missing items.

Unfortunately for the family, they had moved out of state, so rushing to the storage unit would require airline tickets, time off work and a huge inconvenience. Another PissedConsumer user suggested working directly with the police via fax and email – let’s hope the robbery victim is able to do so.

Of course, it’s not always strangers who break into storage units. Another man was in the hospital when the payment due date for his storage unit was required. He paid it just a few days late after leaving the hospital but the damage was done. The lock on his unit was cut and the property owners rifled through his things and took his television and laptop. Needless to say he is considering legal action as well.

Rising Rates

Of course, you can deal with hassles even if you never have a break-in. You sign a contact and assume your monthly rate will remain the same throughout the course of the year. As it turns out, you were wrong. Just a few short months after signing on the dotted line, your rate jumps.

And it’s not just $10 or $20 per month. In some cases, rental rates on a small unit jumped as high as $90 – without any warning at all. When you add in the cost of moving all of your stuff to a new, more reasonable, unit, the financial and emotional costs are out of sight.


Finally, perhaps the worst scenario of all, some individuals store boats and campers at storage units. In one case, a family went to collect their RV for a camping adventure. Imagine their surprise when they learned that strangers had broken into their campers and actually lived inside for some time.

The doors were still locked, but the air vents were completely destroyed where the vagrants had been creeping in and out. Broken vents are expensive, but a dirty toilet and trash is just plain disgusting. Worse of all, the management company didn’t seem even a bit concerned – apparently this is a relatively common occurrence in some storage unit lots.