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Mypillow - Worst ever!

You don’t often go pillow shopping, but when you do, it’s easy to get confused by all of the various offerings. After all, you’re shopping for a bag of fluff that you’ll slip in a pillowcase and put under your head. There are only a few options out there to choose from – how hard, how soft, what kind of fluff you want and how big the pillow is.

Yet even with the relatively simple options involved in a pillow, there is always something out there that makes things complicated. In this case it’s a pillow that claims to be worth $100. This is quite a feat when you realize that the next best pillow on the market costs about $25. What could possibly make a pillow four times as special?

Well, it turns out not much.

Dissecting the Best Pillow

This new, special pillow isn’t filled with the standard fluff we’re used to. No poly-fibers here! Instead it’s the standard cloth sack filled with foam bits. Unfortunately, rather than doing some sort of supersonic job of supporting your head, the fluffy bits in this particular pillow shift and resort themselves while you’re sleeping, eventually leaving at least one sleeper with absolutely nothing under her head.

Of course, paying $100 to ensure you have a comfortable pillow is ironic when your big bucks leave you with no pillow under your head at all.

The pillow-less customer isn’t the only one who has struggled with what is supposed to be a great purchase.

Sleeping Badly on a Great Pillow

This top-quality pillow is supposed to be life-changing. It’s supposed to make you sleep better at night and wake up rested and ready to face each day. In truth – at least according to customer reviews – the pillow is doing quite the opposite.

Some customers are concerned because they are sleeping on foam bits that disappear under their head while you’re sleeping every night. Apparently you can only get them back where they belong by waking up, punching the pillow a bit and falling asleep again.

Other customers are frustrated because they are waking up in more pain and discomfort than they did before the bought the new, fancy pillow. Rather than more support for their head and neck, they are spending money at the chiropractor to get the kinks and pains out. Pain caused by the pillow, according to customers.

Finally, there are those who expected something revolutionary and ended up with a basic, if expensive, pillow. These customers ditched the pillow quickly, but they can’t ditch the bill quite as fast. They are stuck with a bill for $100 and a dead pillow. It’s not hard to see where they would be a bit frustrated now.