Zerowater - Ignorant customers knocking a product based on thoughtless data


Zerowater - A good product misunderstood. You get what you pay for.

Zerowater - Zero Water *stinks* - Filter Life Too Short

Water is one of the healthiest things we ingest on a daily basis. But what if you water is actually harming you with the amount of minerals it contains? Enter the water filter! There are some basic filters you can use, but to remove the most materials from your water, some companies specialize in more dramatic filters that cost a pretty penny. Unfortunately, the reviews are mixed as to whether these expensive water filter systems are really the way to go.

Changing Shape

One company that sells expensive water filters recently changed the way the filters are actually made. The filters that used to last for a month now only last for a few days or perhaps a week at the most.

Customers, many of them long-term customers, are frustrated because they expensive filters they bought for the month are now only in use for a few days – that’s a substantial increase in price and a substantial profit for the company with the new filters.

Not only are the newer shaped filters deemed not as effective by customers, they may even be dangerous.

Removing Toxins

The whole idea behind a water filter is to remove the junk and gross that is in the public water supply. Sure the water has been treated, but just how well? With a good filtration system you can count on your water being clean and clear without hard minerals or even fecal matter.

What tends to be happening with these filters isn’t quite as clean as it sounds. The filters are clearing the water for the first few days. A simple test has determined that water that was high in heavy minerals is much lighter after filtration. This is good. This is the way things are supposed to work.

But after a few days the water and ice made from the water starts to smell like lemons. Strange, but tolerable. Then after just another day or two, the water stinks like something has died in the faucet. When tested, the water is no longer being filtered, but even worse, the previously filtered materials are being dumped back into the water stream, making water up to four times denser with minerals and possible waste than it was.

Your water filter is no longer removing dirty, it’s somehow creating dirty, dangerous water.

The Consequences of Water Filtration

One family bought the water filters in hopes of drinking fresher, healthier, water. Instead the whole family wound up with flu-like symptoms for a week after using the filter. Could it be the filter is dumping gunk back into the water after filtering it out? Or perhaps the filters are only good for a few days before needing to be changed?

Neither one of these makes for a very appetizing drink, unfortunately. Sadly this leaves many home owners wondering just how to handle dirty water if one of the “best” products on the market is doing exactly what they don’t need it to do – and at a high cost, as well.