Everyone runs into bad service now and again. We buy something and it breaks or we try to reason with a customer service representative and get absolutely nothing for our efforts except a headache. On the flipside, most companies expect to see some complaints from time to time, but most companies are very conscientious about keeping complaints to a minimum and pleasing the customers.

In fact, more customers than ever are including contact information in their complaints so that stores can fix problems or address concerns directly. How successful this is varies by company, of course.

But sometimes despite their best efforts (or due to a lack of any effort at all), customer complaints accumulate. On a website like Pissed Consumer, we see a huge number of complaints every day. It’s enough to make you wonder: Which companies out there are seeing the most action? Which are collecting the most complaints right now?

Well, we have the answer. The companies with accumulated complaints as of today are as follows, and if the complaints and response rate are to be believed, these companies will be at the top of the list for some time to come.


The retail giant has accumulated a giant collection of complaints via PissedConsumer. Walmart does a bit of everything and sells a bit of everything, so it’s no surprise the complaints are just as varied as the store offerings. From cell phone service to check cashing, it would seem there is plenty to complain about at the local Walmart. Walmart has a total of 3226 reviews and 64 percent of customers have agreed to be contacted – they are waiting for Walmart to take the next step in solving the problems they have discussed.


You might think the majority of the complaints for AT&T would be about telephone service, but you’d be wrong. It seems the biggest problems over at AT&T are deceptive practices and billing as well as a less-than-stellar installation process. That’s if the customer complaints be believed, of course. AT&T has a total of 2845 reviews and 66 percent of those agreed to be contacted by the company.


It would seem there is a problem in our world of communication. The three top internet and cable providers have all made the list, and the problems with Comcast are similar to problems at AT&T. Customers aren’t thrilled by deceptive selling practices, bad installation and apparently Comcast still has some bugs to work out on the quality of their connections as well. Comcast has accumulated 1885 reviews and 60 percent of those pissed consumers have agreed to let Comcast contact them directly.


Yet another media provider, DirectTV apparently suffers from the “deceptive selling technique” issues as well. Customers are complaining that they are being billed incorrectly, that the company is taking money without permission and that DirectTV has knowingly misled customers with false information. It’s enough to make you wonder who you can trust to deliver your favorite cable shows! More than doubling the number of complaints Comcast has experienced, DirectTV has accumulated 4019 total complaints and 55 percent of complainants have agreed to be contacted by the company.

Best Buy

Best Buy has been plagued by their own series of problems over the years with increasing online sales, and apparently the troubles are continuing. Best Buy customers are complaining about products breaking or products that seem to be on the verge of breaking. But that’s not all. When the customers try to return the products – any products – it seems Best Buy has made the return or cancellation process very tedious and complicated for many customers. At 1932, Best Buy has just under 2000 complaints at the time of writing, but 65 percent of those leaving complaints are willing to speak directly to the company about the issue.


Surprise! Another cable company has made the list due to a staggering number of complaints. According to complaints, Suddenlink appears to enjoy a monopoly in many areas, and without competition sells inferior internet, phone and cable. Customers complain about losing connection constantly and then losing customer service representatives as they try to sort out the issues over the phone. With just 377 complaints, Suddenlink seems out of place until you remember how much smaller they are than the giant companies on this list. 49 percent of those complaining about Suddenlink have agreed to be contacted.


This might feel a little hard to believe. So many people love Target! It has its own fan club it would seem! But complaints at Target range from the typical rude customer service often seen on these boards to more specific complaints about the quality of the items sold through the store. Target has accumulated a total of 1376 complaints, and 64 percent of those leaving complaints have agreed to be contacted directly by the company to resolve their differences.


It would seem delivering packages to the right people at the right time is a challenge for FedEx. Of course, this might have something to do with the holiday season just ending a few weeks ago, but the majority of complaints stem from packages going missing, delivery windows being missed by hours, if not days, and additional charges being required by the recipient. FedEx has a total 2074 complaints and a full 57 percent of those leaving complaints have agreed to be contacted.

Magic Jack

It would seem internet is hard to get no matter how to you try. Three of the cable companies made this list and now Magic Jack rounds it out as people complain about using the Magic Jack device and software to try and connect to the internet. Apparently for many folks, Magic Jack doesn’t work properly and they can’t seem to find a solution since they complain just as much about the quality of the customer service! Magic Jack boasts a total of 2351 complaints and 66 percent of those are hopeful the company will be calling. Let’s just hope the companies are as willing to discuss the matter as the pissed consumers.