Aarons Rents - lock on a computer i own and bought from them.

Aarons Rents - Harrassed and taking Action!

There are challenges that come along with setting up a home. Once you have your new house or apartment located, you have to set up your basic furniture, your basic appliances and, of course, your television. The trouble comes when you’re trying to afford a new television or some new furniture, but you don’t have a lot of cash on hand.

That’s when renting your furniture items might make sense.

Renting Electronics

Electronics are one of the more popular things to rent when it comes to renting to own. After all, spending hundreds of dollars on a new television can be a hard burden to bear, especially if you’re not sure yet which television you want to invest in for the long term.

Enter the rent-to-own store!

With the rent to own store, you can arrange to rent a television or computer and then continue to make payments over time until you own it or return it. This is a perfect arrangement if you want to try out a particular television or you just need to make installment payments on an expensive new computer.

Unfortunately renting to own isn’t the same as buying something outright, and more than a few times some rental customers have discovered this the hard way.

Locking Down the Machine

When you rent a computer, it’s hard to think of it as anything but your own. Unfortunately, the computer belongs to the store – not to you – and the store has protections on the machine to be sure that it doesn’t walk away or wind up in a pawnshop after the first month’s payments.

Unfortunately, even after you finish paying off a particular machine, the rental store software is still loaded on the computer. That means that the store can still lock you out of the machine at will until you force the issue and get the software removed. Often this requires an extra trip to the rental store with your completed contract in hand, but it’s worth it to be in control of your own technology.

Moving Rental Equipment

Another lesson renters discovered along the way dealt with the actual location of the rental items. When you rent something like a television, the contract you’ve signed includes the location of the item you’ve rented. That location is actually part of the contract.

That means that if you move, you can’t necessarily take the rental television with you without updating your contact first. Since a rental feels like you own it, especially if you’ve had it for more than a few months, it’s hard to remember to deal with the extra steps required to move that item from one apartment to another.

Some customers were reminded the hard way when the rental store began calling and sending notices about the moved electronics. Dozens of phone calls later, the customer was beyond frustrated, but in this particular case the blame falls with him.

Renting isn’t buying. Always check the contract before you sign it – especially if you plan to “forget” to make payments when you “forget” to update the contract before a move.