The holidays may be over, but the shopping is just getting started! January is the month for white sales, giving you a chance to get some great new linens for the house at the lowest prices of the year. Of course, like so many things, a good deal is only a good deal if you know what to look for in a sale item.

When it comes to sheets, towels and other linens, there are a few key elements to decide on as you go. Of course, with sheets and towels – the better your choices, the more comfortable you’ll be in the long run.


There are three primary materials used to make sheets. Linen is top of the line. A high-quality linen sheet will last decades and be comfortable and cool all year long. Next in line would be a completely cotton sheet. A long-fiber variety like Egyptian cotton will be soft and comfortable against the skin. A good cotton sheet will last for years without pilling.

Finally, a polyester blend sheet will easy to care for and will be unlikely to wrinkle, but with a poly-blend you’re more likely to experience pilling rather quickly. The life of a poly-blend sheet is more limited than the entirely natural fibers, but they are also very affordable and lightweight.

Thread Count

Generally speaking, the higher the thread count on your sheets, the higher the quality. But with that being said, thread count can be deceiving. The thread count is actually how many threads are in a square inch of fabric.

A high quality sheet will have at least 200 or 220 treads, but anything over 400 thread count can be a bit suspicious. Physically speaking you can only fit so many threads in a fabric, so once you hit 400, you’re likely dealing with smaller threads or creative accounting in the numbers.

Look for Individuals

In many things you get a better deal when you buy in bulk, sheets are one of the exceptions to this particular rule. When you buy a sheet set, even if it’s on sale, you may wind up paying more than you would by shopping for the individual sheets.

Sure a set of sheets and pillowcases is convenient, but is it really a savings? The individual sheets that are sold have more room for discounts, and that is exactly what you see as you start looking through the white sales online and in stores. If you stick to neutrals, you don’t even have to worry too much about matching colors as all of the items you buy will coordinate effortlessly.