Luxor Linens - Deal NOT honoured FRAUDULENT

Luxor Linens - Never received my sheets

Luxor Linens - Just another pissed off customer!!!

Based on recent reviews, Living Social is learning a hard lesson. But it does appear to be learning that lesson, at least. A recent flurry of reviews on the Pissed Consumer site are giving bad marks to both Living Social and a company called Luxor Linens. It seems many of the customers consider the linen company to be a scam, and since Living Social promoted the products, they are being pulled into the bad press with just as much enthusiasm as the actual culprit.

Living Social Gets Dirty

Customers are complaining that a deal through the Living Social website promoted high quality sheets through its website. This is just one of many different products that Living Social promotes through it’s site, so the product positioning is not especially odd or noticeable.

The linens were actually being sold by a company called Luxor Linens. Ordering through Living Social offered the standard discount on the product and then the sheets would be delivered by Luxor Linens. The arrangement appears to be identical to the sort the website handles daily. But this time things got messy.

No Sheets, No Service

Problems started almost immediately. Customers ordered sheet sets through Living Social. Then they waited for delivery. And they waited some more. According to their reviews, some customers waited for six weeks for the sheets to arrive. Others are still waiting for sheets that are unlikely to ever appear.

Those lucky enough to get new sheets were in for another surprise. After waiting six weeks for luxury linens, they received sheets that felt bumpy and coarse. Certainly not luxurious and soft. Beyond irritated the customers tried to return the sheets. Almost all of them have run into dead ends and seemingly empty promises.

Those still waiting for sheets have tried calling the company as well and have gotten exactly nowhere. As one anonymous reviewer stated, “This is fraudulent and I can see by the other reviews that I am not the only person that has been taken for a ride.” While some customers have received promises of refunds, none have actually materialized. Customers have been burned, and they aren’t the only ones.

Living Social Makes Amends

While it’s hard to say what the executives over at Living Social are thinking as they wade through this mess, it’s notable that the company is doing their share to make amends. Customers irate with their treatment by Luxor Linens have been refunded by Living Social at least. These customers have been given a credit to use on another Living Social deal, which at least rights a bit of the wrong.

While the original funds have been returned for some customers via a voucher by Living Social, these same customers are still waiting for a $10 shipping refund. The way things are looking now, however, it looks like they are just going to keep on waiting.