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Regal Cigs - Regal Cig's Free E-Cigarette Trial Scam

There are few things harder than breaking a bad habit. If you’re a smoker and you’ve tried to quit, you know just how challenging it can be to give up the sensation and the feelings that smoking creates. While there are many legitimate products in the market to help you stop smoking, there are many that raise some eyebrows and more than a few that take advantage of the good intentions of individuals seeking a long-term solutions.

Selling a Savior

One man thought he had stumbled across something worthwhile. He was trying to stop smoking and found a website advertising e-cigarettes designed to help individuals stop smoking. The e-cigs were even billed as a “savior” since they would save you from the harmful effects of tobacco. Unfortunately the company wasn’t exactly the saint they promised to be.

E-cigarettes create a vapor that is inhaled much like the smoke from a cigarette is inhaled. The vapor is billed as harmless in some cases or as safer than cigarette smoke, but the jury is still out on how true those particular claims may be. What does appear to be true, however, is that at least one company is promising miracles with e-cigarettes that don’t actually come true.

The Introductory Trial

The premise is the same as so many other too-good-to-be-true offers online. For the low introductory price of $4.95 you can get the e-cig and the necessary vapor packs to get started and break your cigarette habit immediately. Simply pay for shipping and handling and you’ll be able to try the e-cigarette risk-free for a certain amount of time.

It sounds great! But it’s not. In truth, the customers who want to try the product out often fail to read the fine print. The truth is that the vapor may help you stop smoking, but that’s not the point of the scam – you can buy e-cigarettes in many places and those stores won’t try to take you for a financial ride. This particular website isn’t one of them.

Once you sign up for the trial and low-cost shipping, your credit card is on file. If you don’t return the e-cigarette and every single other item in the box within fourteen days, you’re liable for the full cost of the product. For the record that’s fourteen days from shipment, not receipt of the items. And the full cost? About $120. Imagine the surprise of those who were trying to do a good thing when they realized their credit card had been charged $120 instead of the $5 they were expecting.

(Lack of) Customer Service

Worse, once you’re charged there’s no going back. Irate customers called up the company to complain and request refunds, but of course they got absolutely nowhere at all. They were promised a return call from a supervisor who never called. They were told vague things about the charges. One man was even scolded over the phone for expecting a low-cost trial to actually be low cost.

Sadly there doesn’t seem to be a single customer who got his or her money back from the company, even after returning the product. The only way to get your funds is to work through your credit card company, potentially cancelling your card or closing out one and opening another to avoid initial and future charges by a company preying on your efforts to better yourself.