False Delivery Dates On Sears Website

Justflowers - ***, shabby and wrong item in order. Was a huge mistake!!!

Sometimes we do everything right, but things still go terribly wrong. How is it that we order the gift with time to spare but it still doesn’t arrive? Or perhaps the item that was in stock when you ordered is suddenly back ordered by the time it’s ready to be shipped? Or worse yet, the gift that does arrive isn’t anything like what you bought and paid for.

Sometimes Christmas presents aren’t quite as merry as we’d like them to be. And sometimes there isn’t a thing you can do about it.

The Missing Gift

You ordered a gift. You paid for the gift. You got a notification that the gift had shipped. You were feeling pretty good about things. After all, you were on fire! You got the gift, the gift is on the way, and this is one thing that you’re in control of this Christmas, right? Wrong.

When you placed your order, you were careful to check the shipping date. The item was scheduled to arrive on or before December 20th, so you felt confident. When the order confirmation comes through later to your email you double-check the date and it’s suddenly a full month later – January 21st!

What are you supposed to do with a gift that arrives a full month after Christmas? At this point you can either wrap up a picture of the item and wait it out for delivery or buy the item again in the store and wait a month to get your money back when you return the original one.

The Ugly Gift

While some gifts fail to make it on time, others arrive on schedule but you wish you could send them back. Imagine the man who wants to surprise his wife with a holiday fruit basket. He orders the basket online using the pictures of fruit and flowers as a guide. He requests a Christmas balloon with the order to make it festive and then waits for his wife to call.

When she does things aren’t quite what he expected. The fruit arrived alright, but it’s not carefully arranged into anything that resembles the picture. It is fruit chunked into a basket with a random poinsettia. It’s ugly. It was late. It’s not even a holiday fruit arrangement. The big balloon attached to the basket doesn’t say Merry Christmas. It says I Love You.

While not a bad message, it’s not the one the customer bought and paid for! On the plus side he and his wife have a basket of random fruit to eat under a love balloon. It would have been a much, much worse scenario of that ugly basket and wrong balloon had arrived at his boss’s house or the like.