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Growing up we learned about stranger danger and what to say when a stranger knocked on the door. But our homes aren’t the only thing we need to keep locked up and safe these days.

While our material possessions are stored in our home, many of our most valuable documents are stored on our computers. Unfortunately getting help with a problem online can often open up the flood gates to additional, future problems.

The Appearance of Safety

Unless you are very tech savvy, you may find that you need computer help from time to time. Increasingly, this technology “help” becomes more of a hindrance – especially if you don’t work with an established, reputable company.

A well-respected company will have a reputation to protect, and they will have some rules and oversight. A company operating a fly-by-night business or one that is located outside the business laws of the United States is a bit less reliable. It’s a gamble when you call up the computer repair company. You might get a great tech. Or you might not.

Letting the Bad Guys In

When you have a person actually come into your home to work on your computer, it may be a hassle, but you’re able to look over his shoulder for the most part and you can trace him back to the company he came from.

Seeking help online through a remote access type program doesn’t even have these modicums of safety. Instead you have a stranger accessing your computer remotely. And once he has access, he may keep that access.

Many individuals who tried a program like this lived to regret it. The company remotely fixed issues with the personal computer or laptop, but then strange new problems began to crop up. Usually these problems coincided with the end of a paid contract. Contract is up – new problem starts!

The whole situation started to look fishy, but then the complaints escalated. It seemed the company started making changes to customer computers after the fact to make it difficult or impossible to uninstall the monitoring software.

They called multiple times per day to the point of harassment. The company threatened people with new problems and viruses. They took advantage of others by selling solutions to problems that didn’t really exist.

In short, they were bad news.

Protect Your Property

Once you’ve allowed anyone remote access to your machine, you’re opening yourself up to problems. Harassing phone calls about your contract may be the least of your problems if the individuals or companies with access decide to steal your personal information. They have access to everything on your machine including keystrokes for passwords, login information, account numbers and even your tax return.

While it can be a challenge to handle computer issues on your own, really do your research to find a good solution before you risk letting anyone else in the door – digital or real – to fix the problem. You may just be making new ones.