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The holidays are supposed to be a great time of year, but we all know just how quickly a great holiday memory can become a disaster. Unfortunately there are more than a few things that can go wrong over the Christmas season, and you can rest assured you’re not alone with these holiday headaches.

Delayed Christmas Arrival

Winter can be a challenging time to fly anywhere. Bad weather can delay flights, but what do you do when your big holiday flight is cancelled because the airline didn’t round up a co-pilot for the plane?

The holidays are a popular time to travel with family, and trying to book a family of five on a bit trip to Hawaii the first time around was a challenge. Trying to get everyone on a rescheduled flight is a nightmare nobody wants to contemplate.

Paying Too Much for Presents

There is a fine line to walk between getting the best deal on a present and just getting the present. Sometimes fighting the mall traffic to get to the store is the worst part of the sales experience. Other times it’s looking at the receipt after the fact and realizing that you were overcharged $80 for things that were supposed to be on sale. You’d best hope you catch that problem in the store – that’s a long drive back to fight for a refund.

Lost Holiday Pictures

One of the best parts of the holidays are the pictures you have to celebrate the memories over the years. But what you do when you can’t access the pictures you so carefully arranged? One poor mother arranged Christmas pictures and then couldn’t access the images online. She tried for days and then weeks. She called the store but was never able to reach anyone. It turns out the company that took the pictures shut down without ever releasing her images! That’s one Christmas memory she won’t have.

The Tree Breaks

Okay, maybe this one doesn’t happen to anyone, but we’ve all had tree problems of one kind or another. Maybe your lights go out just moments after you’ve strung them all on the tree. Or you realize your tree branches aren’t even this year. Whatever it is, the Christmas tree is supposed to be front and center at Christmas time, but it’s hard to enjoy it if you know it’s got a problem.

You can try to avoid problems by buying a top of the line tree, but even those have been known to be just a bit defective at times. You might pay top dollar for a tree and wind up with a broken branch. And don’t count on your warranty to cover it – warranties are always tricky business.

Fight the good fight, put the branches together the best way you can and decorate that tree any which way you like. After all this is Christmas, and it’s the fun that counts!